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Babies: 6 - 9 Months

What does your LO eat each day?

How much milk/formula and how often?

How much solids and which solids?

And how old are they?

Re: What does your LO eat each day?

  • xJKxORxJKxOR member
    My son is 8 months old. He nurses about 5-7 times during the day plus he has around 3oz of pumped milk at supper time. 

    I offer solids twice a day: mid morning and supper time. Some days he's a bottomless pit and other days he's not very interested. 

    Breakfast is usually some type of fruit puree, yogurt, Cheerios, and bits of whatever I'm eating (fruit, toast, etc). 

    Supper is usually a vege/meat puree, the pumped milk, and bits of whatever we're eating. 

  • My son is 8 months old. He eats two 'meals' a day for now -- just started this month with 2. I added in lunch only because at daycare he LOVES sitting at the table with the big kids and I felt awful he wasn't participating ha so he now gets to eat with the big kids :) 

    Here is what his schedule looks like:  7:00 Wake, 7:30 Nurse, (goes to daycare), 10:00am Bottle (4oz), 11:00am Lunch (about 1-2tbsp purees), 1:00 ish bottle (3-4oz), 3:30ish (3-4oz), 5:30/6:30 nurse, 6:30-7:00 1-2 tbsp. puree dinner, 7:30/8:00 nurse and to bed.

    The times vary each day depending on his appetite but its within the same range.  I always give 4oz bottles to daycare and a little side car with about an ounce in it to add to the puree for lunch.  I plan on just doing the two meals a day until he is about 10/11 months old and then ill introduce the third. I want his main nutrition to come from breastmilk. He seems to prefer it anyway and usually ends up pursing his lips and ignoring me with purees when hes full (about 1tbps..only if hes SUPER hungry or loves what I am feeding him will he eat a whole 2tbsp).

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  • rjanicerjanice member
    Baby boy is 8 months.  He's not on a strict feeding schedule. Drinks 4-6 oz formula every 3-4 hrs, amount usually depends on how much solids he eats. Solids vary depending on how interested he is in what's being served. He usually eats oatmeal with me for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are whatever I'm eating. He's not interested in purees anymore.  Snacks on cheerios and fruit throughout the day. 
  • My 8 month old eats about 4 bottles ranging 4-7 oz a day basically, first thing in the a.m., noonish, 4ish, bedtime, then he eats food 3 times a day. I usually do some oatmeal mixed with pureed fruit in the morning, some bonus pancake pieces and/or waffles if its the weekend. For lunch I do a puree of veggies and try to let him sample some big people food, pasta, potatoes, diced steamed veggies, or fruits, and then while we're at the dinner table he samples our dinner with another puree. He eats about a total of 3 baby food jar sizes a day, with just a tbsp or so of real solids for practice. Plus he's now enjoying some puffies while I cook and he watches. He's really into what were eating, but he's still gagging and spitting out a lot of it, so we just keep sampling new stuff.
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