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Redshirting / Siblings in Same Grade

So I know this is waaaaay off, but DS is a late summer boy born just two weeks before our school cutoff. We have years to decide, but we knew there would be a possibility that we could hold him back depending on his later development BUT now... with his sibling due just 16-17 months behind him, holding him back would put them in the same grade. Does this take the possibility completely off the table? I think it could be awkward being in the same grade without being twins, feeling like one was "held back". Then again, if DS was born just two weeks later than he was, we would have run into this situation anyway. I'm guessing some of you with 'Irish Twins' would also fall into this situation, so I'm curious how others handle it... for future reference :-)
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Re: Redshirting / Siblings in Same Grade

  • No experience, but sounds like a tough call to make. If he has some delays, I feel like you should hold him back, but having little sib in the same grade seems like it would be very uncomfortable. I'm a little confused how they are 16-17 months apart, but a 2 week difference would have put them in the same grade though. Wouldn't they have to be 12 months or less apart? Maybe pregnancy brain has me confused. Our 2u2 will either be 1 or 2 years apart in school. DH is really hoping to start DD early because she has already had evaluations scoring well above her age and her due date would have put her in the year ahead with all her friends, but she was born late. It's hard to know what's best. At least we have time to think about it.
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  • Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I won't have to worry about this now because I started bleeding/cramping today and confirmed with ultrasound that there is just a deflated sac when I should be 7w2d :-( I would delete this post but I know that's a no-no around here. Don't want to rain on everyone's parade though. Goodbye for now.
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  • I'm so sorry hun :(
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