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February 2016 Moms

Body Image Encouragement

I read this a few days ago..
"For every women wishing she didn't have stretch marks, there's another women wishing she had them."
I think the same can be said for extra weight and saggy skin.. So many women have a hard time getting pregnant or can't have kids and would kill for our widened hips and bigger pants sizes if it meant they had a baby. So heres to the girls who are back in their regular pants and the ones (like me) that will never be back to their original size.. You are all BEAUTIFUL! Each one of you carried a baby for 9 months and are now mommies to amazing little people.. That's awesome!!! So next time you get down about your body remember want an AMAZING thing your body did! You're sweet little baby doesn't care what you look like and neither should you! 
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