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I have a quick etiquette question.... I was recently thrown a surprise baby shower at work and am completely blown away by everyone's generosity. Everyone chipped in for a wonderful lunch and beautiful gifts for the baby, however some people in addition to chipping in for the group gift, bought their own gift as well which was so incredibly nice. My question... How do I handle thank yous? Even though it was a large group do I write individual thank yous or just write a group thank you with a pastry tray or something of sorts and then give individual thank you notes to those who bought their own gifts on top of chipping in for the group gift???? I want them all to know I really appreciate everything, but want to thank them properly.

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  • karlimonsterkarlimonster member
    edited April 2016
    I don't know the etiquette in this situation, but I would write a thank you for the group or get pastries like you said and also write individual notes. I enjoy writing and sending notes/letters and I think people really appreciate the personal touch :) 
  • Don't know if you will still check this but you should definitely write an individual thank you note to anyone who gave anything.  
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  • thycapathycapa member
    Thank you both I appreciate it! I wound up baking a large tray of desserts and putting it out with a very detailed thank you next to the tray and then gave individual thanks you notes to the 3 who organized/hosted and anyone who gave a gift in addition to the group gift. Everyone seemed pleased with the desserts and thank you notes and thought it was a nice gesture which made me feel good since I really appreciated what they all did!
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