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Hello all!
I am due in Nov but already trying to figure out what to do with work and the baby after my maternity leave... I am lucky enough to be able to work from home, but my job is regular hours (8-5). I don't get to set my own. I'm in sort of a customer service roll where I need to be by the phone. I am the "speed unit" so to speak and need to process work quickly. Some days are very slow and I have lots of breaks and availability. Other days I am slammed and am at my desk pretty much the entire time. Very up and down. 
What I'm trying to decide is if I could possibly still work like this but with the baby? This will be my first and I have no idea what to expect. Is it even feasable to try working and not do day care? If I could set my own hours, then absolutely! But I don't, so I'm at a loss. Let me know what you all think and thanks in advance!

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  • I imagine it would be very difficult to do this unless you hire a mother's helper. Babies require so much attention, especially until they learn to play independently. My LO has started doing that a little more now that he's almost a year old but he still needs constant attention. This seems especially difficult considering you would need to be on the phone and b/c you cannot set your own hours. I can barely talk to my own family and friends when LO is awake b/c he will start whining/crying if he's not getting my undivided attention!
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    Not to be discouraging, but no. This sounds impossible without help. My son was quiet, calm, easy going, cried only for food and sleep, but I still needed to be available to him. Feedings aren't always quiet, diapers blow up and not to mention, they need stimulation and interaction. If you are having a busy day the baby would be missing out on opportunities to interact with you. If you could set your hours, yeah you'd be golden, but without that or a way to predict busy or slow days I don't see how it would be possible. Plus, I don't think this will be near as appealing as it sounds. You will make yourself crazy and super tired. Do work from home (I wish I could), but seek help. If you could have some one in home (for breastfeeding, seeing baby during downtime, etc) that would be amazing and shorten the time you are apart. Either way, good luck! 
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  • Thanks, ladies!
    Would it be any different if I could set my own hours?
  • KGrattan said:
    Thanks, ladies!
    Would it be any different if I could set my own hours?
    I would say maybe yes only if the hours could include if you have a significant other that would be home during at least part of them. You could attempt to do the other work while baby naps, but sometimes babies don't nap well, you're exhausted too, or there's a crap ton of house work that needs to be done.
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    I would think it would depend entirely on the temperament of your baby if you set your own hours.  Mine is 14 weeks now and he still doesn't usually nap for more than 30 minutes at a time and gets fussy after being alone for 5-10 minutes.  When I'm home alone with him, nothing work related could happen.
    Even if you do get a good napper, you never know when they're going to wake up screaming for food.
    I wouldn't attempt it unless you could plan to do most of your work once your SO gets home.
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    I have a job where I work from home AND set my own hours, but it is still very very difficult to get work done. I'm a FTM, and I grossly underestimated how much attention LOs need. I should have taken heed to the other posts I read like this prior to delivery, but I didn't. To say it was a struggle is an understatement at best.
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    I don't think it'd be possible and I have a really easy baby. 
  • I work from home but get to set my own hours. I have a easy baby but if my hours were set in stone it would def be difficult during the day.

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  • I would say most definitely 100% no.   You need to have someone on kid duty while you're on work duty.  If I found out someone who was working for me was watching her child while working, it would be a huge issue.  Not to mention, that no matter how easy your baby is, they will not be an easy toddler.


  • Agreed not to be discouraging but even if you set your own hours sometimes the baby will throw you a curve ball and change the schedule on you, or be clingy or sleep more/less etc. My best advice would be if you are supposed to be working have a "Mothers Helper" there to assist with the baby, and truthfully in the example that maybe the baby is sleeping at that moment that person can do laundry or dishes or any light hours se work that you agree on which will also help you. 
    I'm speaking from personal experience.
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    I freelance from home and I say absolutely no. I can barely fit in an hour or two of work with an 8 month old, even when I can completely make my own schedule (let alone how he was when he was younger -- I couldn't work at all for a while). I definitely cannot take work calls as my son has an unpredictable sleep schedule and is often fussy. You will need help.

    (fyi... Right now my son is waking up an hour early from his 1.5 hour morning nap, so yeah -- unpredictable.)
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  • Nope  :-)

    Like other posters have said, the baby's temperament will be unpredictable and too hard to manage with on-phone work. My first baby was really quiet and super easy from the start. I could get some writing done, but definitely not a call. They snort, squeal, want to be held, whine and need a lot of attention. But my second was crazy LOUD even if happy. Even if the baby is somehow a miraculous sleeper and you know their schedule, that could change by the week. Maybe if you could somehow do online customer service chats that require no audio - but even then, you could have your hands full.

    You can make it work if you set hours when your partner or a nanny/mother's helper is there. 

    I work from home as a freelance writer and social media consultant and it's tough with a 13-month old and 4 1/2 year old. I've freelanced almost  all of my career, and I can only do it when they're asleep or someone is here. Once I ended up having a last minute call with a client that I worked all day to make sure my baby was asleep for and my 4 year old would be watching a special movie. What happened? The call was 10-minutes late, my baby decided not to nap and was cranky, my 4 1/2 year old didn't care about the movie and would NOT be quiet. I told my client we should reschedule, but he was in his car, has kids, and said he didn't care. 

    The other issue is becoming a first-time parent is a major shock to the system. You need support. It's not you and your work + a baby. It's an entire new alternate realty that you cannot predict until it's here. 

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  • I have been working from home for the past 2 years doing phone customer service for different clients. I was able to work during my whole pregnancy which was great since I had to be on bed rest. And I have been working ever since I had him. Its great, I get to pick the hours I want and work when my son is napping. The company is currently hiring. You can visit the website at to get more information or send your resume to [email protected]
  • I work from home with set hours as well, 9-6. Same thing with ups and down in work load for me too. My husband also works from home but he'll be able to stagger his hours around mine as he has no set schedule. 
    Have you discussed other scheduling options with your work at all?
    I personally am going to play it by ear when the baby is born and see how things work for us while on maternity and then if I need to adjust my schedule I was going to discuss it with my manager. My work is very flexible with moving schedules around if needed luckily. 

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