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February 2016 Moms

Praise of the day?

I've been trying to get my 10 week old EBF boy to take a bottle of pumped milk and he's been refusing. Today he took a bottle of from his big brother, almost 4 oz. What a relief. Praising and rejoicing today :)
What praise do you ladies have?

Re: Praise of the day?

  • LO has been sick today (tummy hurting and spitting up and sleeping and nursing all day). I've used it as time to stay in the house all day and snuggle her and let her sleep on me as much as she wants. It's nice to have all this closeness even though I hate to see her feeling bad. It's made me appreciate how good we've had it so far too.
  • Turner will be 3 months old Monday and has been consistently sleeping 9-5 every night for a month. Last night he slept 6:45-5:20! 
  • LO has been sleeping in his crib, not the RnP, the past two nights! I thought it would be harder to transition him but he did great. And he's sleeping 4-6 hours, eating, and going back to sleep for 2-3
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