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Winning Wednesday

who or what is winning today
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Re: Winning Wednesday

  • I am!  After 7 weeks of my car being broke down it is fixed and I'm picking it up this afternoon ! It has been hell ladies. I commute to work and have both kids in daycare but they go different places. I have been so stressed out so this is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!  
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  • I am! We've been working on transitioning to the crib at night and Freya is doing great. She was co-sleeping but she was just getting way too squirmy and keeping us up all night. She's up to eat a few times during the night in the crib, but now we're getting much better sleep in between feedings!  Now let's just work on sleeping through the night LO!
    Also, I'm getting an alarm system installed at my house right now and that's going to help reduce some of my anxiety.
  • klbhklbh member
    I am! I flew with LO (12 weeks today) across the country to visit my mom and introduce him To my grandma. It felt like a crazy thing to do alone but went so much better than I feared. People were super friendly and supportive (helped me unfold the stroller after security and so on), and kiddo was at his best, smiling at everyone, sleeping a bunch, and just fussing a few times for brief periods. His schedule has been a little messed up, but seeing the look on my grandma's face as she met her great-grandson made it all worth it. We moved across the country while I was pregnant, so I really wanted to prioritize staying connected to my family.
  • l4rkl4rk member
    We went to the pool and while there was still some brief crying in the change room afterwards, we avoided the full blown screaming meltdown that occurred last time!
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