Is it right for parent to keep track on his children's lives?

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I have recently stumbled at an app . It can track GPS location of device you put it in and show you all the messages that have been sent and received.

There was one guy, which was stocking my teenage daughter, so I could not help myself and started spying on her.

I found out many useful information and prevented them from meeting. Did I act badly? Because I think, it is a good way to control children. How do you copy with anxiety for your kids?

Re: Is it right for parent to keep track on his children's lives?

  •  I think you did right momma. You did what you had to in order to maintin her safety. Some moms will say you didnt give her privacy but i think theres certain things we shouldnt give them too much privacy with.

    Ive  had an open relationship with DD since she was 3, shell be 6 in August. & i want to continue that way so when she does get to a certain age alot of problems can be avoided. But who knows? I dont have a teen idk how i will be with her down the line. Idk how she will be.

     & i guess im just overprotective of her. Dont let her leave my sight when we're in public watch what shes does on her tablet . idk if thats really "coping" though. Imma have to get that app for when shes a teen :wink

    Good job 
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