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Nightmare or teething?

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My 16 week old while he is sleeping will go from being in a dead sleep to a wailing baby. When we soothe him (picking him up and hugging <- I only pick him up when rubbing his back/belly doesn't help) he will stop. But the look on his face is pure fear, and it takes him awhile to get back to sleep. 
He is teething and if I rub my finger on his gums I can feel the tooth, so I'm not sure if it's teething pain waking him up or if it's truly a nightmare. 
Its happening more often (3-4 times today) and he isn't sleeping much during the day because of it. 
Any one having similar experiences or anyone have advice how to help him? 

Re: Nightmare or teething?

  • This is our LO sometimes 14 weeks, except she's not teething yet. She does what you describe where she will be fast asleep and then wails very loudly with the upset/scared cry. One of us rushes in, picks her up from the crib, and literally in seconds she stops. She doesn't wake up during the crying or pickup though unlike your LO...it seems she only needs to be picked up, held for a minute, and we put her back down and asleep she is. She's only done it during nighttime sleep. It used to happen a 3-4 times a week, but now maybe only once every week or two. Not sure what it could be, I never worried because it wasn't affecting her sleep. I'd be curious to see what other ladies find with this too. I wouldn't think it'd hurt to call in to your doc's office especially if your LOs sleep is getting worse because of it.
  • This happened to me alot in the first few weeks randomly she would scream and I would pick her up, a few times she wouldn't be consoled and I had to wake her to stop, no idea what it was either i guessed nightmares as well, it went away now by its own baby is 14 weeks now every now and then she makes a little sound while asleep but no screaming, hope this helps.. 
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