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Morning sickness

I've had bad morning sickness at week 6 and now at week 10 its coming back. What was the worst week for morning sickness for you mommas?

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  • 11. But everyone is different. 
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  • Did it let up for any of you?  I am in week 6 and miserable all day.  I don't know that I can do this for 6 more weeks!
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  • I am 10 weeks today and have been incredibly sick from about 5 weeks.  I started taking Unisom + B6, and it has been amazing!  I am actually a functioning human being!
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  • @BooksForMe23 - when do you take the B6 + Unisom?  I tried B6 this morning and at first it didn't seem to help but then around 1pm I started to feel better.  I'm wondering if it was just coincidence or if it just took that long to kick in....
  • weeks 5-21.  I started diclegis in week 7, so weeks 7+ were better than 5 and 6.  Even now at 25 weeks I'm still sick each morning, but its much better after I'm done being sick in the morning.  Everyone keeps telling me it stops once the baby is here.  15ish weeks to go!
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  • Started at 5-6 weeks, was at its worst around 9-10 weeks but it took until 18-20 weeks to totally go away.  Now at 29 weeks its making a reappearance some mornings which sucks but at least it's confined to about 20 minutes of my day now. 

  • @penelope4612 I've been taking 25 mg of B6 three times a day.  I only take the Unisom at night.  My doctor said I could take Unisom 2-3 times a day as well, but since it's a sleep aid, I decided not to.  It took a good 24 hours before I really started to notice a difference.
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