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Something special for baby #2??

my second baby is due in August, and baby 1 will be 18 months old.  Both are boys, so I feel like I don't need to get very much for baby 2; which is awesome. However, I'm starting to feel a tad guilty that baby 2 will be getting hand-me-downs probably for a lot of his childhood (clothes & toys).  

I want to get something special just for him when he is born, but also don't want to overdo it with getting new things when I already have so much! I will get him a going home outfit just for him and a baby book of course; but any other ideas?? I know my mom will be knitting him his own blanket, but I'd still like for him to have something special from us.  A toy? Stuffed animal?  Anyone else experience this or have ideas?? 

Re: Something special for baby #2??

  • I don't know the sex of our second, but they will wear big brother's hand me downs too. My grandma will also make this baby a blanket. Other than that I wasn't going to get anything special. I do have a journal I've kept for my first since pregnancy and one of those 5 year journals where you write one line a day. I am doing the same for this next kid. I hope that's special enough for them. :)
  • I made DD a lovie and am getting her a baby book. But other than that and a blanket my mom is making her, all her toys, furniture, etc will be hand me downs from DS. It just didn't seem practical to get new stuff when we have so much already. 
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