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Overwhelmed venting

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its official, I've been sick now for 11 solid weeks. I've lost 30 pounds (no bump) I'm actually thinner then when I started. I'm so sick it's beyond anything. Had everything prescribed nothing helps. I just have to be in bed. This sucks. :( I'm 15 weeks, super miserable. 

Re: Overwhelmed venting

  • I'm 25 weeks tomorrow.  I felt just like you until about 21 weeks.  I'm still sick about 1x each morning now, but I finally have that "normal" feeling where getting sick relieves the yucky feeling and I actually feel better after.  My experience has no bearing on your timeline, but hang in there!
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  • :( Does anything help?  Ice-pops were a life saver for me.  Hope you feel better soon.
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  • I'm feeling better today, I'm up out of bed....so far so good! 
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