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Is anyone else experiencing this?

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I seem to be having the strangest pregnancy symptoms. PLEASE HELP! Is anyone else experiencing these symptoms? I feel amazing, I have tons of energy, all I want to do is work-out, eat healthy and rub my husband's feet. I have developed unending patience for my toddler. On top of all that, I've never looked better in my whole life. My skin is glowing and my hair is shiny and bouncy! Is this NORMAL?


Re: Is anyone else experiencing this?

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  • No heart burn, daily Diarrhea mixed with bouts of constipation, I feel full of energy and life! Downtown has basically waxed itself, no acne and I feel so amazing. I am so skinny, I am worried, my doctor isn't, but maybe I should be!
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  • Wait, I thought you already ran three marathons @AmberLiz99
  • Wait, I thought you already ran three marathons @AmberLiz99
  • This is hilarious!!!! 
  • And I don't ever have panic and anxiety filled dreams where DH suddenly dies or my baby is born a different sex than what showed up on the AS....I'm so lucky! 
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     Second cycle-clomid/ovidrel IUI 9/2015-
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  • My kid also only kicks and jabs right in the center of my stomach and does not disrupt any of my internal organs or cause me any discomfort. It's the best. I'm glad he's so considerate. 
  • Yep, and the first person has not remarked about how cute I am or tried to harass my belly without asking. I'm pretty sure something is wrong because this pregnancy has just been too glorious...

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  • My esophagus is permanently in a state of cool, calm, contentment.  My stomach basically produces its own zantac.  What is also awesome is that my toddler is 100% happy not being picked up so my back has never felt better!  Good times all around!
  • I'm just hating how I'm not having any weirdo sex dreams about random people, including co-workers, that make me super uncomfortable when I encounter them during my normal day. It's making me so worried that I'm not waking up in confusion, shame or horny.
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