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Sleeping through the night!

Hi everyone, 

At 12 weeks baby has just started sleeping through the night, yay! I'm exclusively breastfeeding and not pumping at all yet. Might start a small supply for babysitters soon. 

The first night she slept through I understandably woke up engorged with me and my sheets covered in milk. She had previously only gone 5 hours max and now we're talking >7. On the second night I doubled up on breast pads which contained most of the damage.

I assume my supply will even out with this new routine? I.e. Stop producing at night? How long did it take for you all? Any other tips?  

Thanks x

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Re: Sleeping through the night!

  • It will balance out eventually but you won't stop completely producing at night your supply will just even out. Depends on your body.
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    My baby has been sleeping 5+ hours since 4 weeks so I'll pump before I go to sleep, feed her from one boob when she wakes up and then pump after that feeding. 
    Good luck!!
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  • Mine has been sleeping at least 5 hours at a time for a few weeks now. I still wake up really full and if I don't have pads on my sheets are soaked. I do what pp does and pump the other side after she does her one middle of the night feeding. I usually get about 5 oz so then I either have a full bag to freeze or enough for a couple
    of bottles for DH to use
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