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Birth Control???

Hi ladies. I have a cyst and it has caused me to have breakthrough bleeding this last week. I went to the doctor this morning and she prescribed birth control pills to get rid of the cyst. From what I've read birth control pills only prevent new cyst from forming, but won't make existing cysts disappear. I'm hesitant to take birth control pills because they have always been really hard on my body physically and emotionally. I'm already dealing with so many things, infertility and my dad has stage IV cancer. I'm afraid the pills would send me over the edge.

Has anyone else had a cyst and been prescribed birth control pills? Did it help? I'll do whatever I can to give me the best chance at getting pregnant and for my health. I've lost one ovary due to a history of cysts.

Thanks for any feedback!

Re: Birth Control???

  • No experience with a cyst, sorry! Hugs for what you ( @RudyGirl76 ) must be feeling and going through with this and your dad. 
    Me: 37 DH:41
    10/2009 - TTC#1 Stopped BCP! Let's DO this!
    1/2010 - BFP (Natural) --> 10/2010 - DS born! Yay!
    12/2010 - DH diagnosed with stage 3B testicular cancer. #cancersucks
    10/2011 - Complications with DH and lymph nodes in groin area removed. No longer able to ejaculate.
    1/2014 - TTC#2 - IUI#1. No luck. Findings: DH sperm did not survive freeze. RE recommends IVF with ICSI.
    3/2014 - IVF Cycle #1 Started BCP
    4/2014 - Lupron, Gonal-F, and Menopur
    5/7/2014 - ER day (25 eggs retrieved, 15 mature)
    5/10/2014 - 6 fertilized, 3 embryos frozen - one grade A and two Grade B. Plan was to grow out to blastocyst stage but rest of eggs arrested by day 3. Decided to freeze on day 3.
    2/9/2016 - FET #1 with Grade A (8 cell - 3 day embryo); 2/20 - Beta was <5. BFN.  :/ Waiting for period and start next FET.
    7/8/2016 - FET #2 with Grade B (8 cell - 3 day embryo), fingers crossed this one sticks. :)
    7/19 - Beta was 74. BFP!!!!; 7/21 - Beta was 182; 1st U/S on 8/2; 2nd U/S on 8/16 :)

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  • Thank you pdbird. I decided to skip the birth control and just give my body a rest without anymore added hormones. I have my fingers crossed that the cyst disappears by the beginning of my next cycle!
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