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Safe Sheet/Mattress Protector Options for Non-Standard Size Bassinet

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Hi All! I'm a FTM due April 28, just freaking out trying to make sure I have everything ready! We bought this playard: https://www.babytrend.com/nursery_centers_deluxe/PY47777.html , which I really liked because it has a removable bassinet that lies flat. The problem is, the company that makes it warns not to use any fitted sheets, etc, other than the provided mattress (which is ridiculous, because the care instructions state that the included mattress cover is not washable). It's a non-standard size (smaller than most bassinets), so the sheets and mattress covers designed for bassinets aren't an option. I was thinking I could just put down a changing pad liner and cover that with a pillowcase, which I've read as a suggestion for a makeshift fitted bassinet sheet. However, the tag on the Boppy changing pad liners that I bought also have the word "sleep" with a big scary line through them, so now it seems like that's not safe, either. 

TL;DR: What kind of bedding can I use on a non-standard size bassinet without putting my baby in danger or having to throw the bassinet away the first time she leaks through her diaper? Thanks for your help!

Re: Safe Sheet/Mattress Protector Options for Non-Standard Size Bassinet

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    Is the included mattress cover wipeable/waterproof? I have a similar setup in the pack & play I received, but hadn't really thought about it, to be honest!
  • No, it's a soft, fuzzy, definitely-not-waterproof material. The instructions say that I can spot clean, but not to wash (even hand wash), and realistically, that just doesn't seem like it will be enough. Plus, I thought I was supposed to wash pretty much everything that the baby's skin would be touching before using it, so there's that. 
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  • I would look it up on Amazon and see if people have written reviews or answered questions about which sheets to use. That's how we figured out what sheets to use for our bassinet. You could also try calling the company and see what they recommend. Good luck!
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  • I reached out to the company a while back and their answer was "Unfortunately, we do not manufacture mattress sheets or pads for our products. We do not recommend adding additional pads or sheets due to suffocation hazards." I've combed through a lot of reviews and haven't found anything helpful yet. :/
  • Is it too late to return for something else? 
    I have suggestions, but it's really up to you what feels safe. If it were me, I'd have a seamstress make sheets that fit the mattress. Or find something that secured the extra fabric of the smallest sheet I could find on the bottom, where they wouldn't be pulled out.
    As soon as baby started moving/rolling in their sleep, I'd move them to a regular crib, for safety reasons. 
  • I suppose I could return it, but even if I disassemble it all and drag it back to the store, I'm not sure what I would replace it with - I really want the bassinet to lie flat and this was the only playard with that feature. If I put the mattress in a pillowcase, I can use safety pins to secure the pillowcase to the underside of the mattress so it won't move. I'm just so nervous that in my pursuit to find a flat, safe sleeping area (versus the angled newborn nappers in the Graco Pack n Plays), I've somehow ended up in a situation that will be just as dangerous, if not more so.

  • My Graco Pack n Play has a flat removable bassinet attachment. No newborn napper (I'm not a fan of those, either). The Target store brand fitted playard sheets fit it fine (the Graco brand ones aren't fitted, which I find rather obnoxious). Not sure if the link will work, but here is the URL anyway!
  • What about a travel bassinet? Would that take care of what you are looking for? My graco pnp has a flat place to nap and they sell sheets, but it's not movable (is that what you are looking for re: removable?). My travel bassinet could serve that purpose though by being something I can take around the house (and could be placed in pnp).
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