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RI pregnant gals meet-up group?!

Hi all!  I am due in September (16 weeks along); first pregnancy, super excited.  I am looking for a local pregnant gals meet-up group. It would be great to hang with ladies going through the same thing, ya know – make fun of each other’s terrible gas, compare symptoms and remedies, talk all things pregnancy and babies.  It would be nice to meet for coffee or apps and maybe summer beach trips to collectively sport our baby bumps.

I googled new mom meet up groups in RI and could only find one group that charges $96 per session – no thanks.  I’m not looking for formal educational sessions, just to make friends with other local pregnant ladies that will hopefully last and turn into baby-play and mommy-wine dates :)

Does anyone know of any groups or be interested in meeting up?  I live in Cranston. 

Re: RI pregnant gals meet-up group?!

  • Hi I'm in Cranston also, but I already had my baby back in January! Congrats on your pregnancy :)
  • Hi! I'm in Warwick, due in November. This is something I wanted with my son(2 in June) and couldn't find anything. It's so difficult making friends as a mom, so I'm totally down for this!
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