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Please keep my baby in your thoughts

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Today's the day I've been dreading since I found out Jaxon would have a cleft. I knew no matter what he looked like I'd love him but I never realized how in love with his smile I would be. There is so much emotion going into this surgery (cleft lip repair, minor work on nose and palate). My biggest fear is seeing my little guy in pain. It's not fair that innocent little babies have to fight these battles. It's going to be a rough week but I'm going to try to keep him as happy and comfortable as possible but it's already a challenge. His surgery is at 6:00 am but here I am up at 3:00 am trying to convince him clear liquids is formula. This kid hates apple juice/pedialyte and this is all this poor baby gets to eat today, even after the surgery. To make things worse I can only feed him with a syringe, for a week. No bottles or pacifiers. I'm dreading nap time because I usually pop a pacifier in his mouth and lay him on my chest but no pacifiers or chest sleeping. It's making me so anxious. Babies need to suck. How else can you calm them? Besides that we have to start swaddling him again at night (and nap time) even though we've been swaddle free for about a month now and during the day he has to wear arm restraints. I'm hoping he adjusts easily not for my sake but for his. It feels like I'm going to be torturing my little guy. I hate to turn this into a rant but I feel like I always have to be so strong and it's nice to just get it off my chest to people who actually have babies and can relate. I know that I'm so lucky that this is the birth defect we were dealt with but I hate when people down play it. It's not just a cosmetic thing. It affects him in many ways. There's not only an issue with feeding and regurgitation it can also affect his speech and hearing. (He's also getting tubes in his ears today) He also has to have a minimum of 3 surgeries but I've read so many stories of people having upwards of 15. I hope that he's happy with the results and he doesn't get bullied. I know in my eyes he's perfect but kids can be so mean. I can probably go on and on but I better stop now before it gets to long. Wish us luck!

These were taken yesterday, in an attempt to memorize every little expression. 

UPDATE: First I want to thank everyone for their kind words and prayers and give you guys an update. The surgery went perfect and only took 2 hours. I can't believe how good it looks! He was crying on and off for about 6 hrs but I think he's finally feeling a little better and only whining. I have a feeling this week might be better than I anticipated. Here's an updated photo only a couple hours after surgery. There's minimum swelling and redness. Im seriously in awe at the surgeons work. I'll post another update when I get a chance. Once again thank you all!! 

Re: Please keep my baby in your thoughts

  • I will definitely keep him in my thoughts. He is beautiful. It will be tough but I promise you are tougher and so is he. Good luck today and let us know it goes when you can.
  • Prayers for you babe and your little one! My mom went through the same thing. She says the hardest is realizing you'll never see that smile again, because it was so perfect! Speedy recovery! 
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  • Sending prayers your way. It's totally ok not to be strong all the time. It doesn't mean you love your LO any less. You are a great momma and even though it's painful, you're doing what's best for him in the long run. Praying for a speedy recovery and strength to make it through this time. 
  • I've loved seeing pix of Sweet Jaxon's smile! 

    Remember you have in you EVERYTHING your boy needs. You are doing the right thing-- Jaxon will be better for it. 

    We'll thinking of you and wish your family well!! 
  • Sending prayers your way! You are doing an amazing job with Jaxon. Hugs, mama!
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    Sending thoughts and prayers for you, your family, and that handsome little guy of yours.
  • Sending prayers for you and your little one!
  • Thinking of you and your family today! 
  • Jaxon always looks like the happiest baby in all your photos and I have no doubt that his natural wonderful spirit will carry him through the tough time ahead. He's beautiful now and will be after. You are a good mama and you're doing great. Prayers to you and Jaxon for His upcoming surgery.
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  • Sending you positive thoughts and well wishes. He is gorgeous either way!

    Praying for a smooth and fast recovery! 
  • Prayers and positive vibes to you and baby Jax today! What a little sweetheart! Let us know how it goes when you get the chance, xox
  • Sending thoughts and good vibes your way.
    Your next week will be complete hell on both of you, but you'll make it through to the other side stronger and better off. And keep in mind that this may forever be etched in your memory, but he's so young he won't remember any of it, and that's a small blessing. 
  • Love his smile. I'll be praying for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery! I'll be praying for your strength as well! You're a great mama! 
  • Thinking of you guys today!!
  • I will pray that your beautiful baby recovers quickly.
  • Good luck today! You and your family are in my thoughts. You have a beautiful happy baby!!!
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  • Praying for you! He looks so happy and I agree with others that he will be happy self in no time. I too have a baby with a health issue and I swear it is harder on us than them; they are so resilient! We are both lucky that it's issues than can be fixed but I know that it still sucks going through it. 
  • Praying for you both! Babies are resilient and he will show you how strong he can be. You're doing what's best for your little boy and that's wonderful. Keep us posted! 
  • He is beautiful. Pp are right - you can do this & so can he! You are so brave &, yes, exactly the right person for the job. Prayers & positive thoughts your way. It's ok to not be strong all the time! This is the perfect place to vent- please don't hesitate 
  • He's so lovely! Thinking of you guys today <3
  • Prayers for your sweet baby boy and for you to have the strength you need. 
  • Prayers for your baby boy.  I understand the attachment to that sweet smile.  Let us know how it goes today.
  • Thinking of you and your family.  He is precious and lucky to have such a loving momma.
  • He is adorable and nothing will change that! I'll keep him in my thoughts, I hope all goes well and he makes a speedy recovery 
  • I LOVE those pictures. Like I said before he is such a beautiful baby. Even though it may be rough now, you're a strong woman and you will soar through this point in his life like a breeze. Many many many thoughts and prayer for you and your Sweet Jaxon, take care and stay strong :heart: 
  • Such a gorgeous boy! Sending lots of good vibes your way, 
  • Thinking of you and little Jaxon. Let us know how everything went!
  • So happy to see everything went well!! 
  • It looks so well done! I hope recovery goes quick and as painless as possible! So happy things went well. 
  • Amazing glad all went well. What a sweetie!
  • So glad the surgery went well. Your son is beautiful both before and after. 
  • Glad everything is going well!! Prayers for a speedy recovery!


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  • He is beautiful!! Before and after! Way to be strong momma I am sure he will continue to do better than anticipated! 
  • Such a strong baby and mama! Glad to hear everything went well and wishing him a speedy recovery. 
  • Glad everything went well!!!
  • It looks great! Prayers for a smooth recovery! Get your snuggle on momma!
  • Hope the recovery goes well!!  He really is a beautiful lil guy --with an awesome mom!
  • Wow he's GORGEOUS. Seriously, one of the cutest babys I've seen, with and without the surgery. You are so strong I can't imagine going through what you did/are going through. Even when you don't feel strong, realize that you are. You are an amazing mama to an amazingly awesome boy! Prayers your week will continue to go better than you expected and hold your head up! You are brave and so is your boy! 

    Do not fear of your son getting bullied. That is something we cannot face until we get there. Unfortunately, nearly everyone is bullied in their lifetime but we can be examples and raise our children to not treat other children poorly, and to speak up when they feel mistreated. 

    Thats my little rant! ❤️ Keep us posted! 
  • So happy it went well! My little brother had surgery as a baby and I remember what a toll it took on my mom. You are doing great momma! 
  • Awwww he is so cute!! My friend has a cleft baby and runs a company with cute cleft strong baby and adult clothes along with other stuff you might like littleweavingwillow. I'm so glad the surgery went well! I loved seeing his cute smile before and I'll love seeing is new handsome smile now! Great job momma! 
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