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Heartburn City- Anyone else?

I had all day sickness until week 16, felt good for 2 weeks, now the heartburn has set in. Anyone else having this? I have tried eating different foods, not spicy or acidic, didn't seem to help. Suggestions??

Re: Heartburn City- Anyone else?

  • Eat small meals often.  Don't eat and then go to bed an hour or two later.  DO NOT eat fettuccini Alfredo.  I made that mistake last night and the heartburn was so bad all night and I almost puked this morning.  Other than that, I highly recommend a big bottle of fruity calcium tums.  They have been a lifesaver this month.
  • Yup. Milk and Tums are my friends. I had constant heart burn with DS and he came out with a full head of hair, so I guess the old wives tales were true in this case. Looks like LO is going to have a full head of hair too.

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  • UGH! it's the worst. i had raw green peppers (which gave me heartburn before being preggo) on Sat. night so I thought it was that but it hasn't gone away for a few days!  Hello tums, my best friends :)
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  • From someone that has had acid reflux and heartburn her whole life here's what I've found works during my pregnancy. Definitely eat small meals and eat often. For me it's every 1.5-2 hours (but I'm also having twins). Zantac 150 which can be taken twice daily seems to work along with Gaviston tablets. They are like tums but different ingredients. Tums do nothing for me.  Before I go to bed, I also drink milk. Something about it seems to coat the lining and seems to help. I've also read that apple cider vinegar works too, a teaspoon a day, but I haven't tried that yet. 
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  • I should buy stock in Tums, that's how much I take it. My problem doesn't even seem to be related to certain foods. Almost anytime I lean down to do something with DS I end up standing up to heartburn 
  • I've switched over from tums to Zantac. I was taking the 75mg one but I think I have to switch to the 150 because it hasn't been cutting it these last few days. The Zantac works 100times better than tums did though, and lasts all day. My OB said it was fine to take. 

  • @Ceventa My son had a full head of hair and I had zero heartburn with him!  :)  \
    Not so lucky this time.  Then again, between the all day MS from weeks 6-16, the cold from weeks 17-19 and now being almost 21 weeks and looking like I am approximately 28 weeks pregnant (which goes along with the comments I've received, thanks everyone, I do know I'm showing and how far along I am) the heartburn is par for the course.  It seems to be all day and Tums works pretty well, thank goodness!  I do eat every couple of hours but it's definitely just worse in the evening.

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  • Yes, Heartburn nearly every day. tums seem to handle it--I've never eaten so many Tums in my life. 

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    Ditto on the tums and milk. I've craved lots of spicy things this time around so while I know the chicken quesadilla from Taco Bell is a horrible choice I just pop a tums and dig in. I dont have any good advice on this subject. 
  • Heartburn all day err day .. morning sickness that's actually 24/7 sickness... Tums and Zantac 150s=♡  lol  I literally get heartburn from water. I was like this with my now 19 mo old who had a full head of red hair so old wives tale true for me too lol 
  • Just wanted to add that I had this same heartburn issue with DS and he was completely bald until he was 1 and a half!! 

  • With DS1 I had it pretty bad, was taking the maximum number of tums my midwife said to until I had to take a Zantac when it got back. With DS2 I had it awful, had to take a Zantac nightly and tums sometimes throughout the day. I would literally throw up acid reflux and choke on it if I didn't take the Zantac. So far, knock on wood, it hasn't been so bad.
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  • I have had horrible heartburn too, but I find mine is MUCH worse after I drink milk! I have been eating a ton of cereal, so drinking tons of milk too. I just switched to almond milk and the heartburn has almost disappeared. Apparently milk triggers more acid production, so it can be more harmful than helpful. But that's just my experience!
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  • Mine just appears when I least expect it, and doesn't seem to be related at all to what I eat. I keep Tums by my bed and eat at least one almost every night. 

    But the odd thing is now it is happening while I'm in my Pure Barre class? Is anyone else experiencing it during exercise? It's very bizarre and distracting! 
  • Oh yes! But oddly enough, I am craving all the stuff that gives me heartburn. 
  • Gosh. I had NEVER had this before getting pregnant. Now I get it no matter WHAT I eat. I can eat a grape and it'll happen. The last week, I have been waking up around 2AM with acid reflux. Tums are AMAZING. They work right away, but it sure sucks until I get one down. My doctor told me to take Zantac daily as a preventative. She said I can still take Tums if needed though!
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  • I drink water and I get it. It's the worst!!!!!!! Today I had a parfait for breakfast and I felt such an intense burn...especially when I burp!! Yuckkkkkkkk
  • @AliKay20 yogurt gives me the worst reflux! I was eating yogurt and granola almost daily and then a couple of weeks ago I had to stop because I was suffering all day from it. 

  • @Bookhousegirl DH and I were so excited to try out a new burger joint in our neighborhood (Bareburger). Omg, I am legit suffering right now from the worst reflux. Can't go to sleep and it's close to 4 AM! I had a hamburger, sweet potato fries, and onion rings.  I don't know which was the culprit but I don't think I'll be going back for a while. Ahhhhh
  • Mine has started, despite what I eat and it sucks.  This is so early.
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    Oh heck yeah, especially at night. Who knew water could give you heart burn?

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  • Yes seems that everything and anything gives me heartburn 
  • Had heartburn since the beginning, it's only gotten worse. I find Gaviscon works better than Tums and it doesn't have any food coloring.
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