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I want a meds-free labor, but what if I have no one to watch my toddler?!

I am in my 2nd tri with my 2nd baby, and I'm already starting to have some anxious thoughts about how THE day is going to go. I had an INTENSE 5h labor 1st time around (which started with contractions 2min apart) and my Dr expects it will go even faster this time. This means, next time, I need to count on the possibility of having to go to the hospital as soon as contractions start and not having enough time for someone to come get my 2yo toddler before we must go to the hospital, especially if it happens in the middle of the night or during rush hour traffic etc. The closest family/friends live 1h away. 
I want to do it w/o epi again, and I'm afraid if my DH has to step out to tend to our DD I am left to do the laboring alone. 
Did anyone have a somewhat similar experience/concerns, and how did you deal with this? 
Should I just consider an induction a few days before due date so I can arrange everything worry-free? I'm afraid induction will be unbearable without epi... 

Re: I want a meds-free labor, but what if I have no one to watch my toddler?!

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    Have you talked to your doctor about this concern? They may have suggestions. I know in my area there are a few 24 / hr daycares which with prior notice to this situation would allow for a drop in pretty much anytime, and would be able to care for your toddler until family could collect her. I know one we looked at was open 24 / 7 for parents working the night shift, and would release a child to a family member with written permission from the parent, a photo id from the family member, and a description of the vehicle the family member would be leaving in.

    It seems like near a hospital this may exist, given nurses work odd hours, and have kids. Worth asking for suggestions any ways!

  • Have you considered hiring a doula to either help you if DH has to step out OR some doulas can provide support by taking care of older children on sight so they could meet you at the hospital rather than having to take your daughter anywhere. Another possibility is finding a babysitter (or two) close to you and get DD used to having that person around so you can call them to watch DD at the house. If you do decide to go for inductions there are multiple options for that too. You could discuss the use of a foley bulb for a med free induction or use pitocin to start contractions and turn it off as soon as a pattern is established.

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  • Hey mama! Might be a UO, but it sounds to me like your body does birthing really well - no need to rush it. Ask your hospital about childcare services; so many are equipped to handle this exact situation and step in until a relative can make the drive. I wish you a happy & healthy pregnancy! 
  • I had a very similar labor experience as you with my first, and my dr said to expect the same thing as you are being told - and it ended up being exactly what happened. We left our house the second contractions started, had someone meet us there to get our toddler and #2 was born 30 minutes after we arrived. There wasnt really time to think about anything, and my DH actually had to leave the room for about 10 minutes and almost missed the birth and I was able to manage on my own. I know its definitely not idea, but if you do have a labor that was that quick, you really may not even have time to really have to need support (does that make sense). Also, would your toddler be able to be distracted by a TV show on an ipad for 30 minutes or so? May give you some time to get someone there to pick her up. I think we could have totally done that with my toddler because of how quick things went I wouldnt have even noticed

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