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Swaddle Alternatives

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Has anyone tried a Swaddle alternative that worked for you? LO has fought the Swaddle since day 1 and loves his hands at his face but startles himself awake because of it. We've tried different brands of 'cheater' options and he always manages to get his hands out. We use the insert from the ergo at night to start right now  ( DH walks him and then holds him in the insert for the first shift so I can get a solid 3-4 hrs sleep). He seems to do best with that and his arms are trapped by his side but it's not a good/long term solution. We tried the love me bundle last night and he didn't seem to be a fan and bought the Merlin sleep suit but he's still small for that. I know it's unrealistic for me to expect long sleep stretches at this point or to try and use logic with LO but I have to think if he likes the carrier he would do well with something else safer?! 

Eta- the only other way he sleeps at night is on one of us which I also never feel safe about 

Re: Swaddle Alternatives

  • We use the halo sleep sack and it works great. We really have to time it right though because she likes to have her hands on her belly instead of straight down at her sides. If she's fighting the swaddle, we have to wait for her to calm down a bit or for her to place her hands just right. 
  • We used the swaddleme swaddle pod when LO was a newborn. He also likes his hands out, so now w just swaddle with a muslin blanket from his armpits down. I've also heard good things about the zipadeezip
  • I've heard good things about the miracle blanket 
  • The halo is the only one DD can't Houdini her way out of as long as we're careful and make sure her arms are straight. We also have a woombie (because it makes her look like a peanut since she's completely enclosed in the sack and I think it's adorable) which works less well because she can still sometimes startle herself awake. I dread when we have to give up the swaddle since she sleep up to 6 hours while swaddled. 
  • With one of my little ones, I just turned the arms of a sleeper (one size too big, I think) inside out - DIY woombie to try for a night and see if it works;) you could also sew the arm holes shut and trim off if you wanted something a little more permanent and had a sleeper you were done with, but didn't want to go out and buy something just yet. It would only take 5 minutes:)
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  • Thanks for all the suggestions ladies!! Something is bound to work eventually :) 
  • We use the summer infant swaddle pod. Our daughter loves her hands by her face/chin so I actually zip her up with them up there. She can force her hands out but not her arms so she really doesn't startle herself awake and seems to love that she has her hands available. She also is struggling with only sleeping on us and not wanting to sleep in the bassinet. We are going to purchase a rock n play today to see if that helps (incline and vibration). It's hard bc I love when she snuggles asleep on me but I also don't feel it's safe during the night when I'm trying to get good deep sleep either. She will wake and cry as soon as we set her in the bassinet, ugh. Best of luck to you!
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    Swaddleme is what we use. The arms can be down, we leave hers out. 
  • Has anyone out there used a zipadeezip? (Autocorrect tried to change that to "zip asexual"...) Just curious. Seems like it might be nice to give LO a little extra room if they fight the swaddle, but wondering if it actually still helps with the startle. 
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  • I am dreading the day we wean the swaddle.  My first loved to be swaddle until 10 months and I think she didn't want to be swaddled before then I just didn't understand her cues! Granted this baby has been sleeping from 9-5 since we brought her home. I really believe it's the swaddle. The one time I tried not  too she woke up every 2 hours. I am really going to try hard this time to break it when she can roll over. My first would roll while swaddled but slept mucg bett er with it than without. Especially when she was teething.
  • @MississippiCatfish my SIL has one for my niece. It's just as cute as a woombie (she looks like a starfish in it), but didn't work great because she kept startling herself awake/didn't have the pressure around the abdomen. Right now they swaddle with an arms only swaddle thing and leave one arm out. Eventually she's going to move to both out but it's so hard to transition when things are working well. Also, my niece hates being on her belly so will roll as soon as you put her down that way so they aren't worried about her rolling/being unsafe. 
  • You could also try a Dock A Tot baby nest. It's supposed to help with babies who startle awake. 
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  • @miss Liliac I was looking at those tonight but DH and I had a hard time justifying the price 
  • I've used the halo sleepsacks with both of my kids! 
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  • @srecupido I sent you a pm!
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