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Should I tell recipient I gave gift?

Hi, ladies! 

So the other day, I went to a friend's baby shower.  I had a small bag with cute onesies and a book, but then got this changing mattress thing that couldn't fit in a bag or what not but I wrapped it and put a label to say who it's to and who it's from.  Well, I got into my car this morning and saw that that label fell off in my car and now she has a gift with no idea who gave it to her. 
Do I tell her?  I don't want to be all like "Hey, give me credit" but at the same time... I'm wondering if I should let it go or not.  Just thought I'd ask.

Thanks, ladies!
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Re: Should I tell recipient I gave gift?

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    I think you could definitely tell her. It was such an honest mistake, and she is probably wondering who it is from. I would just explain to her exactly what happened, and I'm sure she would understand and be appreciative that you let her know.

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  • I would absolutely tell her the mishap.  I don't think it's credit seeking.  If I were the gift receiver I would want to properly thank you and I would feel TERRIBLE that I didn't know who the gift was from.

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  • I would tell her, or get word to her through a hostess, if only that she could be taking a lot of time and effort to track down the person that gave her the changing mattress.  You can just keep it lighthearted and low key.
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