TTC after 35

Grad check-in 3/22

Hello grads!
I just noticed we haven't had an update in awhile!
Miss you ladies!
Let us know how you're doing :)
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Re: Grad check-in 3/22

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    Lu19Lu19 member
    edited March 2016
    So happy to hear @rspalding001!! Yay! Those numbers look great! 
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    Thanks @CarrieandRoy for the update and support :)

    So elated with your news @rspalding001!
    Looking forward to more good news on the 7th! Xoxo
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    Hi guys! I miss this board and can't wait to welcome more of you to the pregnant after 35 board... 

    I'm 21 weeks, and baby boy is moving a lot these days. Our level two ultrasound went really well, and everything looks great so far. 

    Keep the faith, ladies... We are thinking of you! 
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    Thanks for all the updates ladies! 
    It's very encouraging to hear about how you are all doing! 

    @Piperella I'm so sorry for the loss of one of your twins :(
    I can't imagine the mixed emotions you must have felt and feel even now. I'm happy that your little boy is thriving and well! :)

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    Awesome news about finding the right midwife! @createillumination  
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    I'm 20w3days. Doing ok. Had some trouble due to possible low iron so they have me on extra iron pills now. Sort of blacked out during church Palm Sunday, while sitting in the front row of the church connected to my son's school.  They suggested I don't stand for long periods so for Easter we will sit towards the back so I can sit more. 

    i had my anatomy scan on Wednesday and everything looked great. We are team green so no checking out the goodies. Our 5 year old loved seeing "his baby".  And I have started to feel the kicks more. so far we are on track for an August baby. 

    I still think of the ladies here. And while I wasn't a big poster reading the posts helped me through some darker times while ttc. I pray for more happy news and transfers to the other board. 

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