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  • Hiya, my name's Amy :D I am a proud single mumma from the UK! 20 years young :p I have a 2 year old son who will be 3 in September! :#  And currently 24 weeks + 6 days pregnant with a little girl!♡ I'm due 5th December 2016 but if she's anything like her brother she will be late!
  • Hi all,
    I've broken the rules and posted a few times without introducing here, so I figured I'd better at least say hi.

    DH and I eloped last September after 8ish months of dating...when you know, you know :). We each had a child from previous relationship/marriage. We'd talked about having a child together and my IUD had to come out in February. I'm incredibly type A and we knew if we made a conscious decision to actively try that I'd drive myself nuts, so we opted to just have my IUD removed, not prevent, and see what happened.

    AF arrived a week after my IUD was removed at the end of February. By the beginning of April I was exhausted all the time, and by mid-April my period hadn't come. I wasn't sure if it was just my body regulating to not having the IUD. I POS one evening just to see (and not thinking I was pregant)...and 2 dark lines showed up immediately! DH and I were both a little shocked. I took 2 tests the next day just to be sure, and here we are!
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  • Hello :-)  I haven't been lurking here at all, but I read that first-time mothers, on average, go into labor at 41 weeks and one day.  That means that I'm more likely to give birth at the beginning of December than November 22nd, as I had thought.  I wanted to get a feel for this board, just in case :-)

    My husband and I just moved during my second trimester, away from both our families.  We're pretty crunchy, he's under thirty and I'm over 35, and we are both terrified ;-)

  • Hi everyone,

    I am 27 yrs old with my fifth child and rainbow baby I am also 27 wks prego with a little boy i wanted to introduce myself my baby is due 12/2/16 i am super excited and very nervous at the same time.
  • Hi, I am late to the game. First kiddo for both husband (32) and I (28). Due date is 12/22. 
  • Hello; it's nice to meet you all!  I have been reading your posts off and on since I got pregnant in March, but I haven't been eager to join in because I have had three losses, and I wasn't sure that the baby was going to make it.  With a better chance of survival with prematurity, and all the problems I've been having, I think that I really do need the support of a group of women like this :-)  My EDD is December 1st.  My husband and I, after 1.5 years of failing to get pregnant again, spent every last dime we had to get pregnant this time.  Since then, we've been struggling financially because he was laid off from a decent wage and is now making do with minimum wage.  I am disabled with OCD.  We haven't been able to buy anything for the baby!  Now it looks like I have severe Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction along with Diastasis Recti, and I am looking at bed rest and a firm discouragement from having another child.  On top of everything else, the rapid onset of pain has just been too much for me.  My stress has reached maximum levels.  I just want to say that reading your posts has been one of the highlights of my pregnancy, and even though you don't know me, I have been very grateful for you all.  I'm not good at remembering screen names and signatures, though!  There are so many of you lovely ladies!  I just hope I can provide a little support in return :-)

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  • Hi everyone! I'm super late to the party. My name is Kara, and I'm patently (or rather not so patiently) waiting for my bouncing baby boy. After many losses, I'm excited to meet my rainbow. Nikolas is due 12/03 
  • Popping in for some lurking and a quick intro. Due 11/27, active on the November board, but have a feeling she's going to take her time. :) Good luck to you all!
  • Hello everyone!Im still learning how to work a navigate this new app. My name is Chrissy and Im 36 and DH is 34.We have 2 sons ages 11 and 12 and are expecting our 1st Daughyer at the end of December.EDD is January 5th,2017 but we have a CS planned for December 29th,2016.Hope you all are having H&H pregnancies and so happy to be a part of this group!!!!
        Oh,btw,Im 33 Weeks 1 Day today
  • We joined the Jan 2016 club on 12/30 with our little guy.  I am also a June 2013 and June 2015 mama. DH and I have been married for 5 years and we live in the northeast. 
    Baby Boy 3 is on the way! 
    Due 1/21/17
  • Hello! I had my second, a DS on 12/22! Also have a 02/2015 daughter now 25 months who was a preemie. It's so much different having a full term baby. Feel like a first time mom! Just moved from NJ to PA too but Philadelphia area. 
  • I'm a FTM to a beautiful 4.5 month old little girl. She was due around Christmas, but I was induced due to HBP, so she came on November 30th. Since she was early, I think she and I probably fit a bit better with this board than the November one :)
  • I dont understand your lingo...  Can someone give me a key for all the abreviations? 

    Sincerly, Confused Mami
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    Thanks a lot
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