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  • klee3klee3 member
    Hey everyone!  I'm due with number two on December 17th.  I have a 14 month old son.  I'm 31 and my husband is 39.  Looking forward to joining the board!!
  • Hey Ladies!

    I'm Amanda from Puyallup, WA. 30 Years old & Married to my amazing husband for little over 4 years now. I am an avid horseback rider and lover of all animals (except spiders, I HATE spiders). I own two beautiful horses and a silly crazy Boston Terrier (Bella). I have always been a momma to my furbabies and now I finally get to be a real momma. <3 We started TTC Sept 2015 and got our first BFP on Star Wars day lol (May 4th) I'm 15w1day. I have been a member on here since September and I'm I pro lurker and I'm excited to get a little more involved in the group.  :)
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  • Hi y'all! 

    Pregnant with our first, due on 12/25. Could use a little help with all the acronyms I see here.. :)
  • Welcome @ktbanks17! The read me FIRST!!! Guidelines thread has some very helpful tips for navigating TheBump and learning the acronyms. There's also an abbreviation page that breaks them all down for you. It's nice to have you in our community!

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  • Helloooo everyone!! !
    I am Morgan from Washington, DC. 27 years old, married for a year, been together for 10. I am a nanny and have been for the past 9 years. I am ecstatic to finally have my own little one to chase after. My due date is Dec 2! We found out I was pregnant 2 days before traveling to Bali with the family I work for (yes even my husband was invited on the trip! Which was especially nice after finding out we are pregnant.) I am currently a mom to 3 fur babies, 2 cats and a Yorkie. They don't even know how much their lives are going to change yet! I haven't really posted on here yet but have been lurking around and reading various posts! I look forward to getting to know everyone :) 
  • Mamax2Mamax2 member
    Welcome to all the new ladies who posted recently! 
  • Hi everyone! I'm Cheyney (pronounced like Chaney) I'm a FTM, in school, due December 20th. 20 years old. Wasn't trying but wasn't exactly not trying, either. Extremely thrilled! I'm a T1D so this is a high risk pregnancy, but everything is going well so far. I live in Maryland

     I'm a little late, but happy to be here!
    Hope to get to know some of you :blush:    

  • Hi, everyone! 
    I am new to The Bump. I am 17 weeks 6 days. My due date is December 18 and we still don't know the sex of this little one yet. I have an amazing husband and a little 2 year old boy that literally runs nonstop!  I am 29 years old. I hope I'm not too late joining the group to make friends! :)
  • Hi! Moving on over from November! Just got my due date changed from November 19th to December 1st! My son just turned one in June and will have a little sister! I'm terrified of having two babies so close in age, especially being a single mom and a full time student. Definitely looking at more lasting methods of BC this time around post baby. I'm looking forward to having at least 5 months to get my bod back in shape though! I turn 22 in a couple weeks and I currently serve at a Midwestern Italian chain restaurant. Sad to leave my November ladies but excited to get to know you ladies over the next 19+ weeks!
  • Realized I never added anything here...finally added a picture to my icon, too :)

    I'm 25. FI is 23. One fur-baby. First human baby. Due 12/21. Family full of December birthdays, so it's one crazy month. Currently in Texas but moving back home to SoCal in 2 months. 
  • Hi everyone! I have been reading all of your posts for a while but after a few losses I was waiting to join until I knew all was going well this time! My due date is December 2 and we just found out we are having our second daughter
  • Hi Everyone, 
    My name is Rachelle. I'm 31 years old from South FL. My DH is 32. We are beyond excited to be expecting twins on or before 12/28/16! We are first time parents so any advice is welcome! Also new to the Bump so still learning the acronyms. We know we are having at least one boy per the genetics testing but won't find out if we're having boy/boy or boy/girl until the anatomy scan in couple of weeks. Excited to be a part of the community! 
  • Hello! I'm Andra, I live in the Pacific Northwest, and have been married to my husband for almost six years. We're expecting our first baby- due date is December 19th! 
    I know I'm a bit late writing on the board. I've been poking around here for a little bit and wanted to get more involved in this community
  • Hi everyone! I'm joining a little late but I'm excited to get to know all of you. I'm pregnant with my second baby girl. I had my first in May 2015. My EDD is Dec. 10. Im so happy to be pregnant again and I can't wait to get more involved in this community! (:  
    Austenista  yellingbanana
  • @andra.fix
    I also live in the PNW! Woodinville, WA

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  • Hello everyone, ! Glad to be joining this thread. Currently 5 months pregnant with baby 3. Team pink this go around ! I have a 6 year old son and an 8 month old son. I am 25, been married 3 years, and a going on 3rd time c section mom.  EDD is 12-8. Never thought id be having two babies only 13 months apart. 
  • Hello everyone. So excited to join you all :) Pregnant with our first, EDD Dec 30th, waiting for birth to find out gender. DH is almost 30, I just turned 29. We have been married for 6 years. Live in Honolulu. 
  • @Onelovee91 - we are in a similar boat; we have 2 girls and are on our 3rd, hoping for a boy! Also a 3rd time c-section mama. Not looking forward to that, but at least it's predictable after the first one. 

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  • @yellingbanana, My first c section was horrible causing me to have a hysterical fit during my last one and being doped up during it didnt help. Lol. I could of swore they were going to kill me but now i know better and ill be much calmer this time. If you have ever seen the videos of the kids leaving the dentist after surgery and being on the laughing gas, well thats how I was during my second go around. Funny but traumatized. 
  • Hi, I'm Jill. Jumping in late here. A former member of A13 back before The Bump went rainbows and unicorn farts. I have an almost 3 year old, Ezra, and am due w/ a little girl, Nora, on 12/26. We just relocated to FL from IL, so until I make some new IRL friends, computer friends will have to do.
    Ezra James 08/22/2013  <3
    Nora Grace Due 12/26/2016  <3

    Two Angel Babies 

    "If you're still my small babe
    or you're all the way grown,
    my promise to you
    is you're never alone.
    You are my angel, my darling,
    my star...and my love will find you,
    wherever you are."
  • Yay another FL transplant! Welcome @WildRumpus
    Married 4/12/13
    TTC since 6/13
    Diagnosed w/ PCOS 4/9/15 - R/E recommended lifestyle change
    BFP 4/10/16 - DS born 12/16/2016
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    SURPRISE! BFP 3/8/18
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  • 32 year old first time mom here - due 12/27. Currently in Michigan with my 3 dogs and husband, working as a vet tech/practice manager. Last one of all my friends to have a baby so looking for fellow first time moms!
    Austenista  yellingbanana
  • @phoenix870509

    Where are you in FL? We're in Vero Beach
    Ezra James 08/22/2013  <3
    Nora Grace Due 12/26/2016  <3

    Two Angel Babies 

    "If you're still my small babe
    or you're all the way grown,
    my promise to you
    is you're never alone.
    You are my angel, my darling,
    my star...and my love will find you,
    wherever you are."
  • Hi mamas! My name is Sarah. I am due with our second child on 12/31. Jason, Leo (3.5 years) and I live in Omaha, Nebraska.
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  • Hello ladies! I've been a long-time lurker on here and feel like I know some of you so well. I figured it was time to introduce myself, start contributing,  and offer my best internet support where I can. We're due with our first, a boy, on 12/9. Looking forward to chatting with you all :smile:
  • Same as above- long time lurker... Occasional poster. Ashley, due with first (girl) 12/26. Excited to continue to learn from this board  B)
  • Hi everyone, 
    I am new. 
    My name is Jennifer. I am 23 years old. and currently 21 weeks and 1 day. EDD is December 15th.
    2nd pregnancy. But first one did not make it very far along.

    Hoping to make friends. 
    From NYC but living in Dominican Republic. 
    I am in medical school.
  • Hi, long time lurker, first time poster! My EDD is 12/31 but I decided to camp here so I can get perspective on the stuff that happens a few weeks ahead. 
  • Hi!

    I'm a 38 years old mother of 3. I have m/f twins soon to be 20 and a 16 year old son all from a previous marriage. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant. This will be my SO's first (he's 28) and my last. I'm all over the place with feelings. Happy to be pregnant, happy to help my SO complete his dream of having a biological child but nervous because it's been 16 1/2 years since I was last pregnant. My 3 are adults or almost there. I kind of feel like I was nearing the finish line and got yanked from the freedom race and told to restart lol. I'm mostly worried about not having as much energy as I did back then and I am much heavier this go around which could lead to complications. 

    So far my pregnancy is going well. All my tests have been good. My OBGYN said he didn't want me really gaining much weight and I've actually lost 4 lbs so far instead of gaining. Not from "dieting" but I haven't been able to eat full meals for a few months now and I crave fruit like there is no tomorrow so I'd say overall I'm just eating healthier.

    1st pregnancy ended in emergency c-section, babes were 2 months premature.
    2nd pregnancy was natural delivery, babe was 2 weeks late.
  • JessyH said:
    Happy to be pregnant, happy to help my SO complete his dream of having a biological child but nervous because it's been 16 1/2 years since I was last pregnant. My 3 are adults or almost there. I kind of feel like I was nearing the finish line and got yanked from the freedom race and told to restart lol. 
    Hi! Welcome! 
    Here's some encouragement, I hope. So my dad had me when he was 27 and my sister nearly 13 years later when he was a couple months out from being 40. I graduated high school in May of '04 and then she started Kindergarten that August while I started college. My sister and I are pretty close considering the age gap - she started her senior year yesterday and got her first car while I've been married six years and am now pregnant with our first baby. 

    Dad has always liked that there was one at one stage and one in the other, and says it keeps him young. He's mourning now that he's about to be an empty nester after 31 years. He's gotten the stupid, "are you the grandpa?" comments a few times at soccer games or similar, which annoy him but we've always laughed it off. So I don't think you'll have a problem, rather it's possible you'll thrive getting to do it all over again. I know my dad has been more mindful about parenting this second go around with my sister (the first - me - was the test run  :)) and I think he's a better dad to both of us because of it. 

    Hope this encourages you! I look forward to seeing you around! 
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  • Hi!  I'm a little late to the game, but I'm also a Dec 2016 STM.  Due 12/16 with a baby boy.  We went through a lot to have both our kids (ugh- IVF too many times), so I'm pumped to be here with all of you.

    IVF #1 Oct 2013- cancelled 
    IVF #2 Mar 2014- success.... baby girl born 11/28/14
    FET #1 Mar 2016- baby boy due 12/16/16

  • Hello ladies! I've been on the babycenter forum and didn't even think to join thebump until just now as I lay in bed with insomnia. I'm 20 weeks and 4 days and found out yesterday I'm having my third girl.
  • Hi!  I've waiting so long to introduce myself on here, though I read the boards every day. I guess ***tw*** coming from a loss last year ***end  TW**** I just couldn't introduce myself, or put myself out there.  But I'm happy to introduce myself now!

    This is our 3rd baby. We have one boy and one girl so this time we are Team Green!  Glad to be able to finally feel free to introduce myself to this fantastic community! 

  • I accidentally posted my intro on the guidelines board. I hope that's okay. 
  • Hey all! Late to introducing myself. STM due december 27th. I have a son who will be 2 in October. We are team green again this time around. Hope to get to know you all a little bit and give/receive advice as needed!
  • Hello everyone a little late to introduce. My EDD is 12/15. I'm 26 and my DHis  34 and this is our first and we are having a little baby boy, exactly what we want!! 
  • Introducing myself as I'm new to this board. Currently 22wks due Christmas Day! We found out she's a girl at 12 wks. Hello everyone!
  • Heyyyyy thought I'd intro here since I lurk so hard! I'm from J17, due 1/1 with mono di (identical) girls (so the latest they'll let me go is somewhere around 12/10 or earlier) 

    We did IVF with donor sperm after a few years trying and 2 rounds of IVF with H's. We're metro Detroiters, 33 and 32, umm not sure what else to add but ask if you have questions! 
  • I'm not new here but I finally managed to remember my original account login information so I'll be using it again. The account I was using was "seven6five", which I will be deleting.
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