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Embryos Grade 4BB - Good or Bad?

Hi Ladies,

We have completed IVF, and now have some frozen options. On Day Three we had 8 Grade One embryos. We froze 6 and let 2 go on. 

These 2 developed at into blastos at different paces: one on Day 5, the other was a little slower and finished developing on Day 6. 

Both are Graded 4BB. 

When the clinic called to tell us the results she said the Day 6 was slightly "compromised" because it took the extra day, but still graded the same as the Day 5 one. 

I have no idea if 4BB is good or bad? Is the Day 6 blasto even worse? Has anyone had success with 4BB FET? 

(We have to do FET as I had OHSS). 

The clinic uses a version of the Gardner grading scale.

Sadly I can't discuss this much with either the clinic or our doctor : we live in Hong Kong and the medical community here really don't like being asked questions (believe me we have tried!). 

Thank you!

Re: Embryos Grade 4BB - Good or Bad?

  • I'm 6w5d with a BB embryo right now (didn't get a number).  Don't pay too much attention to the letters and numbers.  If your RE decided to freeze, then that embryo ha
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