TTC after 35

Risk another after 40?

I had my first (a son) in August 2015 at the age of 41. We have discussed having another (really want a little girl). I'm just worried about the risks associated with having children this late in age. My son is perfect. I'm just worried. Any thoughts or advice?  

Re: Risk another after 40?

  • If you would like another baby then go for it.  I really think that if the internet did not exist woman would not be so concerned about being over 35 and having a baby. I think you have like 95% chance everything will be perfect, so why really worry about the 5%. Those are some great odds. I had baby #1 when i was 40. No problems whatsoever baby came out perfect.  I would love to have baby #2 but it took 15 years to get this one, so don't know if i will be blessed with another one.  I hate some of the comments I get when i tell people I want to try for #2 so I don't even mention it anymore.  This one lady said you already have a perfect baby why risk trying for another one at your age.  I wanted to scream and say - every woman takes a small risk when deciding to have a baby its just not us over 40, and id go for 95% everything will be perfect anyday on any discussion i make in my life. Maybe our odds even go up higher because we already had a baby over 40 with no problems :)))

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