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Shower at whose house?

A friend of mine has graciously offered to throw me a baby shower. It's pretty normal around here for showers to be held at someone's house, and she offered to host it at either her house or mine, whichever I prefer. I'm trying to figure out which would be best.

The shower will be in May or June, which typically means nice weather here, and her house has a larger outdoor space (deck, patio, and yard). Also, I kind of like the idea of "leaving the mess behind" at her house... but I think that's kind of awful of me! Having it at my own house would mean more work for me in terms of making sure everything is nice and clean and keeping my slightly feisty dog under control with people coming and going, but also means I wouldn't have to transport any gifts or anything. Thoughts?
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Re: Shower at whose house?

  • I would have it at her house.
  • I would have it at her house. If she is hosting, she already assumes she will be cleaning up the mess (and if she wants help, she can ask other friends/family for help setting up and taking down). In my past experience with showers, it never fails that a few of the people lingering behind towards the end of the shower, help clean up a little bit....even if they weren't asked. I think that she will be fine when it comes to clean up.
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  • Unless there's a compelling reason to have it at your house, it would probably be better to have the shower at her house.

    I did hostess a shower for a friend at her house.  She actually asked if the hostesses would mind doing it at her house for two reasons: 1) she had scheduled surgery on her foot and knew she was going to be on crutches and unable to drive, and 2) her mom had Alzheimer's and would be more comfortable in a familiar place.  

    She was worried that there would be awkwardness over it appearing like she was throwing her own shower.  We dealt with this by asking her husband to take her out to lunch while we set up everything and greeted the guests.  She came in a little after the official start time of the shower, after most guests had arrived.  

    It was fine, and people "got it" that she was the guest of honor, not hosting her own shower, and it was really easy to get all her gifts into the baby's room!
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  • @neverblushed brings up some great points! I have always felt like when a shower is held at the expectant mother's home, it just oozes of she-secretly-planned-it-herself. However, you give a great example of the type of exception that is totally acceptable! I shall never judge again ;)
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    While i have no issue with showers at the guest of honors house, as your hostesses house actually sounds like the better option space wise, I'd have it there. 
  • Thanks, everyone! I decided on her house, so now that's the plan and all I have to do is look forward to it and find something to wear. :smile: 
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