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Paragard and Pregnant

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Hello ladies, long time no talk... We've all been very busy! Anyway... So my DH finally convinced me to take a preg test, to my absolute SHOCK (as I'm still nursing a lot and we've had paragard since 6 weeks postpartum) both tests were positive. I did not notice it fall out, so first question:
Is it even heard of not to notice something come out of your cervix?
Also... Anyone else have a similar story? 
 ** I do already have an appt for Wednesday morning, nurse didn't seem too concerned even if it's still in there bc it's non hormonal **

Re: Paragard and Pregnant

  • Hey congrats!!! 
    I think you might get better experiences if you asked this on the 1st Trimester board. For what it's worth, I've never heard of paragard falling out. I HAVE heard of it failing though. 

    Congrats again<3

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