TTC after 35

Intro ... 38 TTC ... (BFP / loss / divorce)


A quick brief history about me ☺

BFP 01/2013 and then loss early on 02/2013

I got the BFP after two courses of chlomid. 

After the loss I tossed my husband out and started divorce proceedings. Sounds harsh but was something that needed to happen.

Currently with a better man and TTC.

I have avoided going to the gynae for the past three years and went in mid-Feb.  She wanted to put me straight away on chlomid.  I asked for a chance to go natural and have been given three months, given my age, loss and history of deep vein thrombosis.

At least I have been keeping track of my cycles but don't chart temp etc.

Feeling the pressure and somewhat alone.  Looking forward to being among like minded people and any advice available 

Re: Intro ... 38 TTC ... (BFP / loss / divorce)

  • Welcome and good luck! This is a great group, very supportive. Sounds like you are in a better place now then you were in 2013. I hope your stay here is short!
  • Welcome!!
    Me: 39 DH: 39
    CP 1/25/16 4.5 weeks, developed Graves' disease
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  • Welcome and best of luck to you! We have a very warm and supportive group of women here, hope your stay is short! :)
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  • Welcome!

    If you decide to try medication, I recommend seeing if your insurance covers a RE, as opposed to a gyno.  Gynos know very little about fertility medication, compared to the knowledge that REs have. 

    And if you're going to try medication, you want the medication to be the stuff that's most likely to work, and you want the monitoring to keep it safe. 

    Unfortunately, for a lot of us, insurance doesn't provide the same sort of coverage for an RE, but it's worth checking out.

    These forums have been incredibly helpful for me.  I hope you find support here as well.
    Me- 39 (turning 40 in April), TTC for the first time ever (since Jan 2015), low ovarian reserve
    Married 3/14/14 to my wonderful wife, but her sperm count is rather low
    TTC with frozen donor sperm and science

    7 IUIs, 7 BFNs.
    2 IVF attempts, both cancelled and converted to IUI, both BFNs.
    Decided that my tired old ovaries are ready to retire.
    Next step- reciprocal IVF, using my wife's eggs, my uterus!  
    fresh 5 day transfer (2 embryos) 4/17/17- BFP! 
    Identical twins "due" 1/2/17 (but anticipated arrival sometime December)

  • Welcome! 
    Me: 39 SO: 36

    Dx: low progesterone, possible DOR - officially "unexplained"

    TTC#1 since November 2015
    9/16/2016 IUI#1 - BFN
    10/12/2016 IUI#2 - BFN
    1/21/2017 Clomid/IUI#3 - BFN
    March 2017 IVF: BFP! (beta#1 191, beta#2 378!) - it's a boy! DS born 12/6/2017

    TTC #2 since July 2018
    May 2019 IVF #2: BFP! (beta#1 346, beta#2 646) - vanishing twin at 8 weeks. Baby B still going strong - due 2/8/20!
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  • GargoylemelGargoylemel member
    edited March 2016
    Thanks all!

    Just to clarify, I am in South Africa. So our medical system is slightly different.  The Dr I am seeing is a obstetrician gynae, and by our system she is who I should be seeing. Luckily I am on a good private medical insurance.

    And looking forward to the support as I don't want to go down the dark neurotic road that is ttc. I am in a good space this time round and want to stay there.
  • Welcome!  
    Me: 41
    Husband: 40
    TTC#1 since 9/2014
    Unexplained Infertility - Trying naturally
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