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When did your twins sleep through the night?

My twins are ten weeks and still eating every three hours. I am EP and they're consuming 33-37 ounces each a day. My daughter has been a couple of weeks ahead of my son developmentally so far. She is beginning to transition to only needing one overnight feed while my son is still waking twice. What did you mamas do in similar situations? Should I keep waking her to eat when he does (as I have been) or let her develop her own schedule? I am returning to work in 3 weeks and hoping to have a better routine by then. 

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Re: When did your twins sleep through the night?

  • No advice, but following. My two are 8 weeks and wake about twice a night (on a good one). 

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  • My boys didn't consistantly sleep all they way through the night without waking until they were 18 months old!! But I think it was a mixture of them being awful sleepers, I was still nursing, and I wasn't consistant with sleep training.. But in your situation I would probably keep waking her if the other wakes so you don't end up getting up 3 different times instead of just the two when your son has been waking up (if that makes sense). 

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  • kde4kde4 member
    Our boys started consistently sleeping through the night at 7 months. That was about the time that we dropped the dream feed as well.


    My favorite activities and tips for surviving different phases with our twins!

  • Mine started sleeping through at 4 months. Hudson was probably ready a couple weeks before Conrad, but I continued to wake him so I didn't end up having to wake up more than necessary,  Eventually, Conrad caught on too & they both slept through. On occasion, they will wake up crying at 2 AM but we give them 15 mins or so to cry it out & they typically just fall back to sleep. My ped said as long as they are getting 32 oz during the day, the absolutely do not need to eat at night. 
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    Mine are 14 1/2 weeks and wake mostly only once a night for feedings. I'm anxiously awaiting the mythical "sleeping through the night".
    We spoke with our doctors both in the nicu and their regular ped who all agreed to wake one and feed them if the other is hungry to avoid constantly feeding one or the other. Some days our son wants to eat more often, others it's our daughter. Both are healthy and gaining significant weight, which is great since they were premature. 
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