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Junk Food Thread


Re: Junk Food Thread

  • Let's see what you can conjure up next, @CarrieandRoy ! ;)

  • Uuuuuuh. Eating a bunch of chocolate-covered caramels I had hidden from myself right before bed=a truly bad idea. I. Feel. Icky. And cannot sleep. 

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  • These are my choices for breakfast: 
    -Bagel w/cream cheese (or with some effort scrambled eggs 
    -Tortilla chips and taco dip 
    -A small package of Oreos 

  • BernieRaeBernieRae member
    edited May 2016
    dh almost took the taco dip to work. That was a close one. 
  • Having a gluten free bagel and cream cheese for 2nd breakfast right now;)
  • @BernieRae --Was "all of the above" an option? ;)

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