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Baby Dropping Percentiles

Hi, everyone! I'm not really looking for advice here, mostly encouragement and maybe some moms with the same story. My daughter is 9 months and has been very active (crawling, cruising, standing) since about 6 months. She's great on her developmental milestones, hitting some early and all on time. She's also tall for her age. She's in about the 75th percentile there. My concern is her weight. The Dr is concerned that she's dropped from the 25th to the 6th percentile. At the 6 month visit, they were slightly concerned because she had dropped a couple percentiles, but they told me to start solids 3x per day (I was feeding her only table food and not much) and I did. Now she's dropping more. She's still gaining but gaining slowly. They want me to start formula but I've used several milk-increasing methods and I'm producing much more than before to the point of uncomfortableness and fullness. I'm letting her nurse more often and she's eating fewer solids (my argument is, breastmilk is way fattier than veggies and fruits). The solids she's eating now are meat, yogurt, whole milk, and other fatty things. I'm trying to get her to gain so the Dr. stops giving me trouble. Has this happened to anyone else? What did you do? Was there any real problems with your child or was it just their activeness? Also, my husband and I were both pretty chubby as babies, so it's not necessarily hereditary. 

Re: Baby Dropping Percentiles

  • I have had this problem from day one with my daughter. She will be 10 months on March 2nd and weighs almost 16lbs. I push bottles and food so much that I feel that's all we do but she pushes the bottle away the most. I breast fed also and added formula per Doctor request to gain weight. It has not worked for us. She also has reflux and pushes the bottle away. It is very hard as a mom to hear that your baby is in a low percentile. My daughter barely makes the first percentile. Hang in there. I know your pain and frustration. 
  • I'd get another doctor's opinion.
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  • My daughter's (10 months on the 10th) weight was monitored due to a drop in percentile too at 6 months - 3rd percentile with a chubby mum :) Meeting milestones etc also. My GP suggested we increase her calories too but by either formula or in her solids solids. She is still breastfed 5-6 times a day with 3 meals plus snacks if wanted. She only gained 250g from 4 to 6 months but has now since 7 months gained 1kg each month. I did this by adding a bit of butter, crumbled cooked egg yolk or grated cheese to her veggies, I added yogurt every other day and increased her fruit intake - I found avocado was great but it tended to constipate her if I gave it too often. 
    Good luck with everything :smile: 
  • we had  a similar experience with our 9mo. he was ebf for the first 6m. he's a happy healthy baby and meeting most milestones early or on time. he jumped from the 25th percentile when he was born to the 75th at 2m. when we took him in for 6m visit the dr was pushing rice cereal and formula bc he dropped to between 25-10th. i just ignored what she said and decided to see a different dr.  around 8m he was around the 10th percentile (we took him in for 2nd flu shot). at 9m he seems to be sticking with the 10th. i think the growth charts are based on the average of how americans feed their babies and more formula feed that bf.    
    every baby is different.  i wouldn't really worry about it if your baby seems healthy.  
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