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Hi Ladies! I recently switched from Kaiser to Blue Cross and am now looking for an OB that would deliver at Mills. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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Re: OB at Mills Peninsula

  • CecilTheBearCecilTheBear
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    @AdmiralKitty ;I'll be going to mills too!

    I go here: http://www.maogsite.com/maog_site_9_12/About_The_Doctors.html

    I think they all deliver at mills. Dr. Yu is good and I've heard good things about Dr. Burke and Dr. Beretta, all in the same office. 
  • Ahhhh just saw this - so crazy @CecilTheBear ! I'm actually seeing one of the Mills OBs so all my appts will all be at the hospital. I spent Thursday night in the ER there and it was SO NICE. We might be in some of the same pre-birth classes if you plan on doing them at the hospital?

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  • Shoot- I just checked and our EDDs are 2 days apart. We'll probably both bet there for delivery at the same time! Such a small world!

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  • Hello! I delivered there 4 months ago! The facilities aremail nice. I saw the ob's aassociated with the hospital, so went to all my appts on the clinic side of the hospital. http://www.pamf.org/obgyn/burlingame/

    I saw several different doctors and they were all good! 
  • I will be delivering there in (hopefully) a week or so. I also had a change of insurance and had to switch doctors late into my pregnancy. I have been seeing Dr. Marieta Angtuaco who has been wonderful so far. I have never felt rushed at any of my appointments, if anything, she likes to chat! But it depends on what you want your birth to be like, I suppose. She is kinda old school. She doesn't like it when laboring moms have lots of visitors before the baby becomes, because she says it makes for a more difficult labor when mom gets worn out from company. She also doesn't deliver tub/water births.  
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  • My OB delivers at Mills. Pamela Singleton in Daly City. I've seen her as my obgyn since I was 15, and have never had any issues with her! 
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