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Whats your nap schedule

My 13 month old sleeps 8:30pm-7:30am.  Goes down for a nap at 10:30-12:30. He isn't tired until 4/4:30 again.  Sleeps till 5:30/6.
Im having trouble getting him to sleep lately at 8:30/9.  Im wondering if I should cut second nap out. 

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  • IMO 13 months is a tad early to go down to 1 nap but it isn't unheard of.

    My 16 month old has been on one nap for about a month now, maybe 3 weeks. She sleeps from about 7-7. Sometimes she goes down earlier though depending on what time her nap is. Hell, sometimes she goes to bed at 6:30pm!

    I would try pushing that morning nap up by like 15 minutes every week or so until it's closer to lunch time. Then maybe move the bedtime a little earlier. I personally wouldn't put my DD down for a nap that late. I'd rather just put her to bed earlier. Just adjust slowly so that your LO isn't overly tired.


  • My 13 month old son sleeps 7pm to 6:30am.  Naps 2x/day at 9am-11am and 2:30pm-4pm.  He just loves to sleep!    I know at some point I will have to cut out a nap but he's happy with his sleep schedule.  
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    eleolin8 said:
    My 13 month old son sleeps 7pm to 6:30am.  Naps 2x/day at 9am-11am and 2:30pm-4pm.  He just loves to sleep!    I know at some point I will have to cut out a nap but he's happy with his sleep schedule.  

    My LO was on this exact schedule until he was 18-19 months. He dropped his afternoon nap first and the transition was surprising easy. Now he naps from 12:30-3 ish

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  • My 16 month old sometimes takes one nap, sometimes takes two, but she generally doesn't nap very long, like about 40 minutes each nap. She'll usually nap from about 11:30 to 12:00 and then from 3:15ish to 3:50ish. Sometimes she takes one longish nap around 1:30 to 2:30. Her bed time is about 7:00. I guess I would try making both naps earlier, or like another poster suggested, make the first nap later and bedtime earlier and see if that carries your baby through.
  • I think 13m is a little early to drop the second nap. But, if I were you, i'd consider waking (gasp I know!) after an hour on nap #1 so that there's more time between 1 and 2. Then he'll perhaps slowly ease into the one nap later on. 
    My 18 month old used to be 7a-7p with a nap at 10 and 1:30. She's now a 7/7:30-7 and naps at 12:30/1-3:30. I wouldn't let her sleep past an hour and a half at the most on that first nap or she'd boycott the second or want to take it late which would screw with bed time.

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  • When my LO was 13 months old her schedule was bedtime at 6:00pm, wake up at 5:00am (she is a naturally early riser... it's terrible, lol), first nap at 10:00am for an hour, then her second nap was around 2:00pm for another hour, sometimes a bit longer. Have you tried waking up up earlier from his nap and putting him down earlier for nap #2?
  • My 19 month old goes to bed around 8p (that's when he's put in his crib anyway), and sleeps until around 6:30-7a.

    He's only getting one nap now at daycare, which is usually from 1-3. On weekends, we just see how is mood is and see if he needs 1 or 2 naps. He JUST started doing 1 nap a few weeks ago. Otherwise it was 2 (the first around 9:30-10, and then the other around 1-1:30).
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  • 15 month old, just starting to transition to 1 nap.  Sleeps about 7:30-7ish. If she has a morning nap, it is a quick power nap. Around 9 for about 1/2 hour.  Her afternoon is about 1-3ish.  she is at a home daycare so the afternoon nap is pretty much on schedule with the rest of the kids.
  • My now 18 month old was doing the same at that age and I did cut out the second nap. As soon as I did that, he started sleeping 9-10 hours every night and taking 2 1/2 hour naps in the middle of the day. He sleeps from 9PM-8AM then nap time from 12:30PM-2:30PM, sometimes until 3PM.
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