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Losing baby weight fail

i have always been active and, for the most part, in shape however since having my little guy I have lost all momentum to get back to working out. It's been 13 months and I even joined WW & lost the weight and then some only to have gained a bunch back (not sure how much, afraid to get on the scale). I feel super guilty joining a gym and going to work out 2-3 nights a week, not to mention incredibly tired and not sure I can even find the time! How have you all found the time? Energy? Get up and go? Dealt with the guilt? 

Re: Losing baby weight fail

  • First of all, be sure to be kind to yourself and accept yourself where you (a busy mom doing her best!)

    For me, carving out time to work out comes pretty easy because it actually makes me feel more energetic and is important for my mental health. It's kind of like doing chores... even if you're not in the mood to clean when you start, it always feels nice to have it done. I save time by doing in-home video workouts or short runs after LO goes to bed. On weekends, I'll often wear him for a hike or take him in the jogging stroller.

    No tips on managing diet... that's still a struggle as I've basically given myself a "free pass" as long as I'm breastfeeding. Am pretty scared to stop! :(

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  • Thanks! I forget to think of myself as that. It's so hard to squeeze in that time, between getting home from work at 4, player and hanging out with LO, putting him to bed, making dinner, getting everything ready for the next morning, I'm not sitting down until 8, and then I'm going to bed at 9, just to get up at 5 to do it all over again. I wish there were more hours in the day!! (As in sure everyone does haha!!) 
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    Meh I have 2 kids now and I can tell you the motivation level goes down even more in this scenario. I have not gone to the gym a single time. I have done yoga 4 times and ran (around the block) twice. My younger is 15mo as of yesterday. I'm just too exhausted and all. I typically have one hour to myself the entire day when my younger takes her morning nap. I would be hard pressed to waste that time on a workout.... I'll choose Downton Abbey or House Hunters... Or a shower!!
    That said, i am pretty much as skinny as before kids BUT because of both pregnancies my bone structure is so different that even if I lost 10-15lbs more nothing will fit the same...

    Post partum weight loss is overrated...
  • My 3rd baby is 5 mths old and EBF. My husband is out of town 3 nights a week. So I'm pretty tied up with the kids, but my motivation is high because I had GD with my 3rd and it puts you at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and the best thing you can do reduce that risk is to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

    What I do is aim to be active throughout the day. If I'm doing housework then I jog around the house. If I go to the shops I walk as much as possible. if I'm playing with the kids then I make myself play with them on the playground or run and kick the ball, rather than just watching them. If I'm playing with baby then I might do push-ups over him and give him a kiss everytime I come down to him, or lie on my back and lift him up and down for kisses. Every so often I make it out for a walk or for a swim by myself, which I love as much for the alone time as the activity.

    I find that the more active I am then the more inspired I am to eat well. If I sit on the couch all day then I'm more likely to want to eat chips and ice cream.

    I try and give myself multiple reasons for eating well. I want to model good eating for my girls. I want to be healthy and avoid diabetes if I can. I have hemorrhoids and eating well helps that (actually that is the best motivation I have at the moment), I'm visiting my super skinny sister in a couple of months and don't want to feel like a whale beside her etc etc etc. I find that often if one form of motivation fails then another aspect will convince me.

    Also increasingly I find i am around friends who live really healthy lives. They look great which is nice for them, but what really inspires me about how they live is how much energy they have, and how they spend their time with their kids outside doing stuff, so I really want to have the fitness to do that kind of thing too.

    When you say how do you deal with the guilt, do you mean the guilt of spending time on yourself exercising, or the guilt of not exercising and/or eating well?

    Best wishes to you. 

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  • I work full time and am an aerobic instructor on the side so I was very motivated to get back to teaching my class and losing baby weight.  I gained 70 lbs with LO and was pretty fit before so I want to get back to that as much as possible.  My motivation is just feeling healthier and being good role model for my child.  Not to mention I want to look good again. My students are seeing my weight loss in aerobics class and that has been motivation for me as well as for some of them.  In the beginning I felt bad about leaving this extra hour to do something for me but I eventually got over that because in reality me being healthy both body and mind is better for my child.   I would go nuts without working out and having a little me time.  

    For me, I don't always have the energy to work out but have to, however, once I get started the energy kicks in and I have more energy for later 

    As for the time, I find that right after work is best as LO can stay with sitter a little longer.  I also have lunchtime class during week which helps as it disrupts no ones schedule.  And if I go on weekend th
  • Oh that's a sensitive subject. I put on 22 kilos and I've lost 12 so far but now I seem to be stuck here at 70 kilos. Lo is 5 Mo. I recently started eating more salads and hopefully it will help cause I do try to walk as much as I can, which is a couple of kilometres daily at least and I don't see more than that happening anytime soon :P 
  • Ugh it is hard and you are not alone!!  I just recently started doing 21 day fix and I love it. Initially, I was really intimidated by meal prepping etc but it's really only time consuming that one day and then I'm set for the week. I have three kids. 7, 3, and 9.5 months. I recently decided to stay home with this last baby. I get up at 6 and workout in the early morning when everyone is sleeping. (Baby isn't usually). I put him in his high chair. Turn him around so he can see me. Give him some snacks.

    i lost 10lbs the first 21 days. I just started my third round and I'm 16lbs down. Still a loooong way from my goal but I do like the program 
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  • @niknak1208 - congrats on your loss, sounds like a great start!
    Me-37, DH-38
    Married in 2006, TTC #1 since Jan 2012

    Baby Boy born June 1, 2015

    He settles her in her home as a happy mother of children, praise the Lord! (Psalms 113:9)
    And the peace of God, which surpasses all understand, will guard your heart and mind in Jesus Christ (Philippians 4:7)

  • How's it going for everyone?

    I initially got down to my pre-preg weight when LO was about four months, I think.  (I only gained 28 pounds though.)  Then, the holidays came and I gained 10 back.  :(

    I get married at the end of May, so hubby-to-be and I are walking every night.  I also started a low-carb diet, which has been interesting since I don't eat meat, lol.  I'm down 8 pounds in 10 days.  Hoping to keep this momentum going.

    Good luck, everyone.  And hang in there.  We are busy moms and we need to just accept ourselves sometimes.
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  • I’m struggling with the weight loss too. DD is almost 3 and I’m still up 20 lb.
    what works for me is getting up at 4 or 5 to work out - if I don’t exercise first thing it just doesn’t happen.
    last summer I did the South Beach diet and lost 20-25 lb, but am up 10 since then. I’m still eating the healthiest I ever have, but my biggest problem is binge eating if I get too hungry.

    It’s a struggle, know you aren’t alone.
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