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DUE DATE!!!!!!


Re: DUE DATE!!!!!!

  • gatita316 said:
    Due March 10 a day before my bday
    I'm due March 8...a day before my birthday!!


  • March 31st here! This pic is today...36w5d. I'd say he's dropped and I'm having troubles walking, sitting, laying, standing, sleeping, etc since LO is so low and all my belly is resting on my poor hip bones. Come soon sweet baby Zeek!
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  • I'm due today! Saw the doc yesterday and my cervix is completely closed and I show no sign of anything happening soon. I go back next Tuesday to talk about induction if I don't go by then. I might have a St Patrick's Day baby on my hands! 
  • Well, today is my due date, if nothing happens between today and tomorrow night I go in on Monday morning to be induced.
  • I was due yesterday. Still here :)

  • Due Monday the 14th, induction scheduled for Thursday the 17th if he isn't here yet.  Wanted to let him come on his own but I am so glad we have a set end date!  Ready to meet our little man!
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