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DUE DATE!!!!!!

With only one more week in February, we are almost to the final month of our pregnancies! I pray that you all are doing great! We are all almost there! When is everyone due in March!? How are you feeling!? 

Re: DUE DATE!!!!!!

  • March 9! Feeling HUGE and wondering if this baby will be early, on time or 2 weeks past my due date lol! Just want to hold her already! How about you?
  • March 8th. Feeling huge, uncomfortable, and ready to meet this kid. Hoping this baby comes any day.
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  • I'm not due until March 28th. Baby finally flipped so I've got a nice waddle going on. Still got a looong way to go! Jealous of you early March peeps.
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    I feel like time is crawling by! I am just so ready to hold my precious baby girl! I am due March 18th, and I am BEYOND READY! I am praying for all of y'all! 
  • Scheduled c-section on March 1st when I will be 39+6! In the homestretch!
  • I'm due March 3rd. Doctor said to not expect me to go that long. Now I have 2 weeks left and it feels like a painful eternity away...
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  • I'm due March 17 but feel like Baby Girl is going to come early. Maybe that's just my anxiety. I want to meet her when she's ready, but there's so much left to do! 
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    Don't scare me like that, there's a week and a HALF left in February!

    Due March 11th, depending on tomorrow's appointment we may induce around March 3rd. Eeeek. 

    My girl was 10 days late so I'm actually really hoping to go early this time.
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  • I am due March 9 and it seems like an eternity to go. I am a FTM so I don't know if this is something all moms to be feel, but I have a gut instinct that I am going to go early. There is no reason I should think this, but I just don't think I will make it to March 9! 
  • March 1, and it can't come soon enough! 
  • March 24th and boy am I ready!
  • Due the 16th, but just learned today that due to mild pre-e (brought on by chronic hypertension) I'm being induced next Saturday the 27th. Not mentally prepared since I thought I had another month or so, but super excited to meet this guy already. 
  • Due March 28th but my midwives and I have a really strong sense that I'm going to deliver late. So she'll probably end up being an April baby! On the downside, my little girl has been head down the *entire* pregnancy, but just a few days ago I started to feel her hiccups up high rather than down low where they've always been. Midwives checked her heart beat yesterday and it got stronger by my rib cage. We can't fully tell but we all think she flipped and is now breech... which sucks... So I have an ultrasound next week to confirm, and if it's true then I'll have to start doing those Spinning babies exercises.... Hoping she turns back on her own!!
  • I'm due March 9th and I can't wait to find out if we have a son or a daughter! I found out Monday I am 70% effaced and a fingertip dilated, so I am still holding out hope for a February baby.
  • I'm due March 9 (seems to be a popular date!) and I am so over it! I'm 1 cm and 30% effaced as of Tuesday, which I know doesn't mean much, but I figure one less cm is to go okay with me! My first two were two and three days early, so my midwife keeps telling me to expect the same. But I'm still hoping for the first week of March! His head has moved really low in the past two days and I am so uncomfortable! I try to be zen about it and tell myself he will come when he's ready, but man I am ready to not be pregnant anymore. 

  • Congratulations to you all! I am praying for everyone and y'alls safe deliveries! 
  • I'm due March 3rd. Doctor said today I'm 4cm dialated and they don't expect me to make it through the weekend since I've been having so many contractions. They did a membrane sweep so now it's just wait and see. Now that my hopes are up, I'm sure I'll go past my due date!! 
  • "Due" March 6, scheduled for Feb. 29.  This is just over 10 days away!!!  
    Happy, healthy thoughts for all!!!  
  • Due March 12th, but since baby girl is breech we will be having a c section. Her little tush is engaged in my pelvis, and has been for a few weeks, despite exercises and playing music low for her - so the doctor doesn't expect her to flip. 
    Right now we are penciled in for March 9th, but if I start dilating it could get bumped up a week earlier! Coming up SO fast! 
  • We use the due date of March 26th from my early US, though my original due date was the 17th. Baby has been head down since 29 weeks and doctors are now starting to think I'll go soon (I'm up to 2 visits a week). I want her to cook as long as possible but she's sitting so low I can barely walk more than 10 feet without being in pain.
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  • Due March 28... It definitely feels more like forever away with so many having their babies in the beginning of March.

    Totally over being pregnant! Baby has been head down for ages, Braxton hicks contractions every day... No clue on dilation or effacement. Dr doesn't look at cervix until last week of pregnancy so I'm totally clueless on how were progressing. I wouldn't be sad if he came a week or two early! 
  • March 8! 2 weeks of work left, and I'm so ready. Getting more and more gawkers when I go to the gym. My coworkers had a shower for me this week, and I went to the store today to buy the last little things we needed. Now all we have to do is install car seats. So much different when having your second child :smile: 


  • Due March 30 and feeling great - no complaints! I delivered #1 at 38w4d and #2 at 37weeks so we shall see what happens with this one
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  • Due March 3rd. Saw my doctor yesterday & she mentioned baby will probably come early, since I'm effaced & have started dialating. My doctor wasn't even sure if I would make it to next weeks appointment... I am trying really hard not to get my hopes up that baby could be here sooner than 14ish days. I'm just so anoxious to know what LO is! We're team green. To top it all off, this morning my poor DH found my mucus plug on the shower floor (sorry about the TMI). So I'm hoping that it's a sign we're getting close even though I know it doesn't really mean anything as far as going into labor. 
  • Due March 3rd at my appointment Monday I was 5 cm and most completely thinned out... So just waiting around for some consistent contractions to kick in. 
  • I have a scheduled c-section for the 29th. unless I go early. My original due date was March 14th. But recently got diagnosed with cholestasis, so they have to deliver sooner. 
  • I'm scheduled for a C section on March 1st, original due date March 5th. I pretty much have intense pelvic pain every time I move and that is my biggest complaint. Mucas plug coming out a little at a time and this is pretty disgusting. OB thinks I will make it to my section date and I'm hoping that too. Had a growth scan last week and baby looked good, busy, and estimated at 6lbs 10oz. I'm ready for my baby boy ❤️ 
    Hang in there! 
  • Due on the 16th and closed tighter then a clam! (According to my mw) i have no day to day issues, but its the middle of summer here and i cant sleep due to the humidity! being so tired makes me a bit more emotional. Im having a growth scan on monday, ill be 36+5 so excited to see what they can tell us. Good luck ladies, we are nearly there! 
  • Due the 19th but my OB said I'll probably not even make it to march based on how big baby girl is measuring! Still not dilated.. Just uncomfortable. This is the final countdown people! AAAHHHH! (Btw praying for a leap day baby)
  • March 16th.... I'm excited to see more and more pictures of these babies as they come along !
  • I'm due between the 20th and 27th. My date has been moved back and forth because the baby wasn't growing much and then she had a growth spurt. I've already lost my MP and I've been having strong Braxton hicks for about a week. I don't count on her hanging in there until her due date, but I would sure like her to stay in there at least until our home remodel is finished. 
  • My due date based on the early ultrasound is March 9, but I was temping and had my due date pinned as March 7 (only 2 day difference)! It feels like an eternity away :( I am so over being pregnant. Everyday is a struggle. Everyone thinks I will go early, but I'm actually thinking late. I think I don't want to get my hopes up and then still be pregnant after my due date, so I just mentally prepare myself for an overdue. But it wouldn't hurt my feelings if he came yesterday. 
  • Due March 6th, went two weeks early with my first, so who knows when this one will make his debut (it's more of a mind trip because of the preterm labor scare we had).  I'm also really tired of people asking me why I haven't 'squirted' this kid out yet.  Yeah, not my favorite kind of word association...
  • @Orion815 I don't want to burst your bubble but every FTM I've ever spoken to feels like they are going to go early :-) (most don't!) not trying to say you won't but don't be discouraged if you get close to your due date either. I was SO prepared to go early with #1 and then was so discouraged the last week or two!
  • Due March 10... And just like the rest of you earlier March ladies, definitely would not be opposed to this little girl coming early! Pregnancy has definitely become uncomfortable! Good luck everyone :)
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    Due March 14th. Went in Tuesday thinking water was leaking (thankfully it wasnt) babe was still high and hanging out at 1cm dilated . Went in Thursday for my appt. He is dropped, engaged....maybe we will make it to his dd...we will see!
  • Due March 3rd, but I'm another FTM who thinks I will go early :smile: I'm 1cm dilated and at least 70% effaced (as of last week. This week doctor just said I was "really ripe" - thanks doc!), and baby's head is super low.  Doctor said I am ready to go, just waiting for labor to actually kick in!
  • Sorry to burst all the FTM's bubbles, but I was dilated and effaced starting at 36w with on and off contractions the whole time and had my 9.5lbs baby at 41+3. Don't get your hopes up, I know I did! ;)
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  • I'm due March 7th but scheduled for a few days earlier due to the baby being breech. I feel like this little one would stay put for the long haul given the option!
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