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At my wits end

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My almost two year old is awesome, smart, funny, but her worse trait is that she cries for EVERYTHING. Anytime she wants something, her go to is to start crying. I try my best to calm her down and tell her she doesn't have to cry, just ask for what you want. She knows to say, "may I have..." Because she used to do it all the time. But that seems so far away. Please help. It's so bad that I burst into tears today. Any advice?

Re: At my wits end

  • No suggestions?  Is it a phase?
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    We went through that phase a while back with our son. We taught him that he wouldn't get anything acting like that. He was great until a couple weeks ago when he "turned" 2 overnight. It seems like he knows he should be able to do things on his own but he gets frustrated when something goes wrong. We taught him baby sign language, so we just try to enforce it right now. When he starts that awful whine for something, we stop and tell him "that's not how we behave". When he gets into a lull, we suggest he ask for help, say he's hungry, or tell him to ask nicely (say please). I don't know how much it actually helps, but it helps with my sanity. I'm due in June with baby #2 so my patience is thin these days. When he just refuses to stop whining for something, I ignore him. When he stops whining, I ask if he wants something. I usually know what it is he wants, so I think offering it to him when he's calmed down helps him feel like I understand him. He's trying to talk more, but his skills aren't that good yet. I hope this phase ends soon! Good luck!
  • I do not have this problem, but I have others. Do you guys have an early intervention program where you live? We have two therapists that come in and work on behaviors with our little one. It has helped tremendously!
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    The best decision is to not giving her what she wants, when she starts crying. This will show her that she cannot gain anything by behaving this way. If you manage to get through this couple of times without indulging, she will stop acting like this.

    In addition, you can try to distract her with something else, like to show her something, she would be interested in. Then she will take her mind off tears and find herself a new toy.

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