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Gift Idea for Pregnant Woman Who Lost Her Mother

My half sister lost her mother recently and she is pregnant with her first child.  I am looking for special gift ideas that would honor her mother (beyond lighting a candle at her baby shower) -- Looking for something unique.  If you have any ideas about how I might honor her mother through a special gift I would be most appreciative!  Thanks so much!

Re: Gift Idea for Pregnant Woman Who Lost Her Mother

  • Yes, this is to be given in private -- just looking for a special idea to honor her mother.
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  • I understand your heart is in the right place, but right now a home cooked meal is the best gift you can give her.  I know when my daughter died, I got flowers, pictures, books, jewelry and other momentos that I still have not seen much.  I don't know.  Again, I knew people's hearts were in the right place, but a memorial gift is something so personal, that she should be the one picking it out.  The best gift someone could have given me at the time was truly a home cooked meal.  Oh and the other best gift is our church group helped to pay for grief counseling sessions.  That helped tremendously.  
  • I lost my mom a little over half way through my pregnancy, and I got a few things to honor her that I really appreciated.  I had a little girl, so I had a close family friend (her kids were like grandkids, and she was like an extra daughter to my mom) who got a special angel Christmas ornament for the baby that was a baby laying in angel wings that said baby's first Christmas. She also got the baby a necklace with my mom's birthstone and first initial (my daughter was named after my mom). I also received a few angel momentos with notes about my mom being a guardian angel for the baby.
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