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New to bedsharing and have safety question

So I never planned on cosleeping.  I couldn't get over thinking I might roll over and smother the baby. I used a RnP and then a graco dreamglider right next to my bed. He outgrew the dreamglider and I tried crib transitioning and it was fine at 1st but now he has a tooth coming in and I kept taking him in my bed in motn because he's miserable.  I realized he sleeps so much better with me so why should we both suffer for hours. I have a unique situation, I work 3 nights a week and LO sleeps at my mom's once or twice a week. She is on board with having him in her bed when he stays there. My husband and I have separate bedrooms so it's me and baby. My main concern is if I get up to pee during the night I worry about him rolling over and falling out of bed. Does anyone use the mesh bed rails on their bed? And does anyone else start in the crib? I'm not quite ready for bed at 8 so I'd like to start him in the crib and when he wakes up an hr or 2 later take him in my bed. Just wondering what other bed sharing moms do

Re: New to bedsharing and have safety question

  • I start my 4.5mo in the crib, then bedshare after her first waking. We have a firm mattress, use an above the mattress rail, and follow safety guidelines from the Notre Dame mother-baby sleep lab. I spent so much time trying to get DD1 in her crib, I'm just enjoying this baby :smile: 

    These are the guidelines:

    This is my rail:

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  • Thanks! My only risk factor is that I FF now but I BF for 4 months. I'm thinking that's more an issue with newborns. I'll get the rail I was thinking that or mattress on the floor.
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  • I use a rail on my bed...or at least I did until my son was pulling up on it. Then I put a mattress on my son's floor and we both sleep there. It worked extremely well until he was in the phase of pulling up to stand. 
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  • I have one side of the bed pushed against the wall. That's where my daughter slept as a baby. The other side and the the end of the bed, I just have some blankets and/or pillows around the floor. I did combo feeding, but I never fed my daughter in bed. I always got up and went out into the living room (mostly because we don't have a tv in our room and I liked to watch tv or catch up on social media when I was feeding). When my husband returned home from deployment we all slept in the same bed (still do). My daughter hated the crib and has never slept one night in it. Luckily it's a convertible and right now we have it converted into a toddler bed if/when she is ready. It also converts into a daybed and full size. 
  • I have the crib next to one side of the bed she doesn't roll yet but when she does the crib will be there.
  • I use the bed-rail. Its great until like pp said they start pulling up on it. Also handy for transitioning to their own bed when older to stop them falling out.

    Baby starts off in his cot, and I bring him in when he first wakes.
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  • Thanks everyone. I think I'll put the bed against the wall and just buy 1 rail that I can use later on his bed. Starting him out in the crib seems to be working. It's actually been nice having a warm cuddly baby next to me since it's been cold out.
  • I got a rail when my son started rolling. I put my bed in the corner against the wall and had a rail on the side and the bottom of the bed though because my kid is crazy and rolled to the end of the bed all the time. 
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  • Our queen bed is on the floor and we have a twin bed next to it. We used those foam bumpers on the twin to keep him from rolling out and it's worked out great for us. It's like co-sleeping but he's in his own bed that we can move to his room eventually. We originally considered a rail and using the wall, but I was concerned about him getting wedged between the wall/bed or bed/rail. Maybe less of a concern when they are older, but we started him in his own twin size bed as a newborn.
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