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When did you really start showing?


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  • I actually couldn't wear my pre-pregnancy pants (at least the fitted ones) past 5.5 weeks. Now, some of that WAS bloat, no question, but it was painful and squished my bladder! That being said, by 8/9 weeks my intestines/etc were definitely making a bump as my uterus pushed them out of the way, and I had to be careful how I dressed to keep my "secret" for a few more weeks. As soon as my family saw me in a fitted shirt they knew immediately - I didn't have to say anything.
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  • I'm a FTM and I say I popped a bit around 17/18 wks (where my mom actually said hey it's a bump!) That's also when I started wearing maternity pants cause with my job (I'm a nanny) they're more comfortable than jeans. Now at almost 20 I feel like it's a real bump...this is also the first week the scale has been consistently higher by about 2 or 3 pounds (I hadnt gained weight till now). It's almost been this week that it's felt uncomfortable to zip my hoodie and coat up. I love my tiny bump 
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    Ftm, Starting from the top right 5 weeks when we found out going to the right is in order. The bottom right is 10 weeks.

  • With my first one, I didn't really have any bump till about 18-19 weeks, then it was like it just popped out over night. Second time was about 15-16 weeks, and this time, it was about 12 weeks when I could no longer button my pants and had to resort to using a hair band. I know a lot of it was other organs getting pushed up and out of the way by my growing uterus. I'm only 4'11" so not a whole lot of torso room... by 15 weeks, I was getting comments from customers at work. Now at 17 weeks, my belly sticks out past my boobs, even though they grew 2 cup sizes!
  • FTM having twins and I started showing for real (instead of just bloat) at around 13 weeks.  There's no mistaking it now, a week and a half later.  

    I wasn't expecting to show this early, even with twins, especially being a FTM, since I have a long torso and I'm not particularly petite (5' 6"), but I guess that it shows more since I'm naturally thin.
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  • I am a FTM and started showing recently at 26 weeks. During week 27 there is no question about it I finally look pregnant... No more of that awkward did she gain a few pounds phase hahaha that was the longest phase ever!
  • After I hit 16 weeks I definitely got a baby bump, prior to that it just looked like I was getting fat. I had to switch to maternity pants this past week as well, hair tie trick just didn't cut it anymore.
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  • I'm almost 24 weeks and I feel like I've just now gotten big enough to where I can't hide my stomach anymore. 
  • 19 weeks, small bump, still can wear normal clothes. Let's just say that if I want to make it obvious I can, but I can also hide it? It's getting harder to do the latter, however. 
  • 19 weeks, small bump, still can wear normal clothes. Let's just say that if I want to make it obvious I can, but I can also hide it? It's getting harder to do the latter, however. 
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    For real, tho. please look at the original posting date before replying - February. that was 9 months ago. this woman's baby has probably already been born, and you have revived a thread that was dead. 
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    ME at 14 weeks with #2. I carried my weight in my belly forever, but I think being tall and having a long midsection also helps with the bump. 
  • I actually started "really" showing the beginning of week! which put me at almost five and a half months. By that I mean my friends could no longer say I didn't look like I was showing at all (I could tell earlier because of tight clothing, but others couldn't).

  • I may be the only one to think this way, but even if it's "just bloat", it's still all pregnancy. Around 9/10 weeks I started having a different shape-- I completely agree it was just bloating (I have very bad bloating), but it was far different than any other bloating I ever had. It was almost constant, and it was far worse. There's a difference between pregnancy bloat and normal bloat.

    I'm 13 weeks and some days I see a shape that I swear is bump, and some days I swear it's just fat. I've always had a relatively flat stomach. Even if it's not "baby", it's a bump-- it's bloat, it's a different kind of fat accumulation than I've ever had, it's my muscles thickening (which I can tell they are), etc. It's all pregnancy, that's my point.
  • I'm 23 weeks and definitely have a bump, but still at the stage where people feel awkward asking if I'm pregnant for fear I just need to hit the gym. LOL
  • I'll be 24 weeks on Monday and I still have people telling me that I don't look pregnant. That said, I wear a lot of looser fitting shirts and there are several other ladies who I work with that were showing a lot earlier than me. Without clothes on, I have a very obvious bump. I think I first noticed my bump at my 18 week ultrasound while lying down. It definitely sticks out a lot more when I'm on my back.
  • With my first - about 6 months... With my second,  8 weeks hahahah 
  • With my first I didn't get an actual bump until at least 20w. I felt like I had a bump but I didn't. I wore my regular jeans the whole time.

    This time (4th) I've looked five months pregnant the whole time hahaha! I still have a lot of leftover bump from the other three :wink:
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  • For me, I was probably about 15 weeks. of course I could still hide the bump under clothes that were baggy enough, but without that it was very clear I had a baby bump. This is my first.
  • With my first about 9 weeks i had a small bump. With my second i am 6 weeks and cant button my pants anymore. I am already wearing a belly band!
  • I naturally have always had a very flat tummy though. Maybe thats why i show so early. Who knows.
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    I went from not noticeable at all to "Oh my god are you pregnant" practically over a weekend around 16-17 weeks.  I have a very short torso so there probably wasn't anywhere else to go but forward.  It also coincided with the weather finally getting warm so I didn't have a winter coat  or big sweater to hide in (though since I'm in the northeast the winter coat was back out a week later and barely able to be zipped.)
  • I could tell at 10 weeks and people suspected at beginning of 13 weeks.
  • I am 6 weeks and I look like I'm 4+Months I know its bloat but I already had to buy maternity clothes because none of my pants or shirts fit me I'm curious to see if it will go away and the true belly will appear or if I'll just continue to get bigger haha 
  • @isabelbustamante1023 @seleka87 No need to resurrect a zombie thread. This thread was created in 2016, so I doubt the OP is around to read your responses. 

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