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When did you really start showing?

I mean for your first pregnancy, when did you really start showing?  Not bloating or anything. I haven't gained any weight and I haven't a change in pants size, not that I was worried because I'm only a little over 13 weeks- so I'm still enjoying my size incase one day soon I just pop! Lol

But what I think is interesting is 2 of my friends who are only 8/9 weeks swear they are showing and their stomachs are "huge". But I swore that the uterus is still behind the pelvic bone, so it got me thinking "am I supposed to be showing at all?"

Anywho, at what week did you really notice your bump? :)

Re: When did you really start showing?

  • Not until 18 weeks. And even now, at 26 weeks, I'm still really small. Bump is finally growing but I haven't gained much weight.
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  • I could tell a difference at 10 weeks. It wasn't a bump, it was just a slight waist thickening, but it was apparent to me. My husband could not see a difference at this stage (or else he was just being nice, also possible).

    My regular lady at the waxing salon could spot a difference at 12-13 weeks (but she was looking without clothes and she already knew what I looked like before). I believe this was bloat but it looked enough like a baby bump that she could tell I was pregnant.

    I definitely had a visible bump through clothing and apparent to strangers by about week 16.

    This really, really varies by woman and body type, though. There's no one answer that'll be true for everyone.
  • I'm just about 20 weeks and this is the first week it's becoming obvious I'm pregnant. I could feel my uterus pop out at 14-16 weeks, and my doctor did the first measurement at my 16 week appointment, but a stranger wouldn't be able to tell. Now it's getting hard to hide.

  • With me, you could tell it was baby and not bloat at 17/18 weeks, and that was only if you knew me and saw me everyday. I didn't look pregnant/ "pop" until 23/24 weeks. You're friends at 8/9 weeks are bloated. There's no way it baby bump at that point. 
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    I'll 20 weeks tomorrow and my jeans still fit fine, a bit snug but not unbearable.  In jeans I look 100% normal, in maternity pants I look like I had a big lunch, nothing more.  Unless you knew I was pregnant you wouldn't be able to tell.  

    Edited to add - I'm now 24 weeks and saw this thread pop up again so I figure I would update.  I got my first second look today from a neighbor but I'm still small enough to be in the "hmm, I wonder" phase.  No one has been confident enough in their suspicions to actually say something yet since I'm still relatively small despite being a few weeks away from the third trimester.  

  • I could still wear normal jeans until around 23 weeks and then they started getting uncomfortable. I'm 28 weeks now and am still small but have a pretty obvious bump.
  • I started getting a noticeable bump around 18-19 weeks but it stayed quite small until around 25 weeks. 
  • I think week 17 is when I started to poke out more but at 19 weeks other people can finally tell but I'm still pretty small. 
  • Everyone is different and there really are no hard and fast norms. I'm 5'9" with a long torso and assumed it would take a long time but I actually started showing pretty early, somewhere between 13-15 weeks. 

  • Everyone is different. My friend seriously looked pregnant at 8 weeks with her first baby. It looked like all baby bump. I think that is rare though for a first timer carrying one baby. I was 23/24 weeks.
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  • @LadySamLady My body type is similar I'm about 5'7" and ALL torso, even before losing 100 lbs at 215 I never carried the weight in my stomach. It was awesome. Hoping there's a lot of room for baby to grow! Long torsos have a slight advantage sometimes!

    @PugsandKisses ;@paytonpedro ;That's what I was thinking, of course I didn't say anything because they were so excited to be showing or thinking they were - just made me think.

    This being my second pregnancy but the first was not viable, it makes me look forward to having a bump. I am enjoying not having to buy new clothes! The doctor said he's seen patients that only gain 5-8lbs, that gain 30lbs, and some that gain 70lbs. Babies do some fascinating stuff to your body! :)

    Anyone have luck with a Bella Band instead of maternity pants? I ordered two today for future.
  • I could tell around 20ish weeks, but no one else could really tell until closer to 26 weeks when I actually started to pop. 

    @Pinkgirl42 I bought two Bella bands and I'm still wearing them at 36 weeks! They're more frustrating and less comfortable than regular maternity pants, but it's nice to change it up and be able to stretch my wardrobe a little more. 
  • Not until about 20 weeks

  • I'm 19w and have a small something, I'm still in all normal clothes. We're taking bets at my job to when I actually look pregnant. I'm putting my my money on 24/25 weeks.

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  • i didnt start showing to strangers until between 18-19 weeks. that's when people started really telling me i was showing finally. 

    your friends definitely arent showing at 8-9 weeks. that's 100% bloat. baby is still too small at that stage to give you an actual bump. i had a girl try to tell me once that she could feel baby kicking.. at FOUR WEEKS. i laughed so freaking hard. 
  • 21 weeks for me but even then I still just look like I ate 12 burritos! 
  • FTM, I have a short torso and I've always been tiny. I couldn't wear my pants by 5 week (bloat but still!) I was noticeable to my family/friends at 12 weeks for sure, and at 15 weeks I started being noticeable to others. I've been looking at the bump pictures on my BMB tho, and every woman is different for sure, even first timers!
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  • I'm at 20 weeks and honestly I still feel bloated and fat not pregnant. My best friend and husband say I am finally starting to look prego though. What do you think ladies?
  • I'm 14 weeks and just started looking pregnant (can't hide it anymore) but I know it's really
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    Lurking from 3rd tri...I had a nice firm round little belly by 13 weeks, and it was noticeable to friends (who didn't know that I was expecting!) by 15. 

    *Edit because I have clumsy fingers. 
  • Feel free to tell you friends they just need to poop. I didn't get anything noticeable until 16 weeks, and by noticeable, I mean barely a pooch. I wouldn't have even called it a baby bump until 20 weeks.
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  • Lots of bloating until about 22 weeks. Then the belly just sorta pooped out there
  • I was bloated from IVF and progesterone shots before confirmed pregnancy. I actually started wearing leggings and maternity clothing in the 1st trimester because of all the bloat, and anything tight or firm on my abdomin made the nausea worse. 

    It it wasn't until 28 weeks that I because noticeably pregnant and not just bloated. Now at 32 weeks I can't see my feet, and my stomach is past my breast. It's kinda amazing how one day you wake up and bam! You have popped out! 
  • I'm 19w3d & just starting to show & this is my first. I've heard of some people not showing until their 7th MONTHS let alone in the beginning weeks. What I've been telling myself is that my body is like no one else's & I'll show eventually. Eat right, get some exercise. Your body will tell you if you're doing something wrong. Your friends are for sure not showing at 8-9 weeks. That's pregnancy bloat, so don't listen to them.
  • 23-24 weeks.
    Honestly before that it was just gas and poop people were seeing. 
  • @cy&;damonsmommy I would say your bump matches 20 weeks. 

    LOL at telling them they have to poop, trust me I wanted to! I couldn't tell if in the pics they were pushing their bellies out over excitement or not, but again I am enjoying not having a bump for now! Right where my jeans hit, about 2 inches under my belly button is where I've noticed growth, but slightly. Otherwise right now I am soooooooooo bloated! I don't think I've had such a giggly tummy before haha. Luckily what I'm craving is fresh foods like raw veggies and fruit, and greasy foods make me sick.
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    Me at almost 10 weeks. Apparently with your second pregnancy you show a lot Sooner!!
  • first pregnancy about 23 weeks. i'm 15 weeks with my 2nd pregnancy and i'm feeling more bloated now than I did with my son and I think i'll pop sooner...which is totally normal

  • This is me at 14 weeks 3 days. I weigh less than I did before getting pregnant but my pants will not button so who knows lol 
  • FTM with a baby boy due in June. I've always been on the plus/curvy side. My first trimester I dropped 18. It wasn't until this week (24 weeks) that I finally started gaining and "popped" and stopped just looking like I was getting fat or bloated. 

  • I dont think I will be that tiny, but I don't think I will be much bigger than that. So tiny and cute!
  • A stranger just asked me for the first time this week, I'm 20 weeks.
  • I had a belly around 16/17 weeks...but it was only noticeable to those who knew me/knew I was pregnant. To others I'm sure I just looked like I had eaten too much. I really popped at 22 weeks, & now there's no denying that there's a baby in there. 
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  • 28 weeks. I blossomed late 
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  • 20 weeks, now at 22 and I can just start seeing it further out than my boobs. That's how I know I look pregnant. 
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    @noelietrex I agree that I hate the policing of other people's pregnant bodies. Just because YOU didn't show until x weeks and for YOU it was bloat until x weeks doesn't mean other people don't have different experiences. I'll side eye the hell out of anyone who tries to show me their 6 week baby bump, but every body is different. (those "you"s not directed at you, of course, @noelietrex)

    I was out of my normal yoga pants by 9 weeks because there was a little bump there and the pressure on it made my nausea worse. By 11 weeks I was getting comments from friends/family and by 14 I was getting comments from strangers. My belly has gotten longer/higher since 14 weeks but I feel like it's been big for the past 8 weeks. I'm a FTM. That's what is normal for my body in this pregnancy. 

  • I've just had some folks at work start noticing in the last few weeks, so between weeks 20 and 21. 
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