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    People are upset because all of these little ones (up to the point of the past) were born early due to emergencies and medical reasons. Hell one of them mentions the little one not breathing at first (I'm pretty sure that was in a post prior to the OP).

    I'm sure some of those women had labor plans and had to throw them out the window when everything went down. Some of those babies were born months earlier than planned, alot of them had to stay in the hospital, etc.

    That's why alot of us are upset. None of these mothers asked for what happen to happen. They were most likely all scared to death that something would go wrong. Then OP comes around to the February birth group and comments on the births - none of which were born in February because they were early - on a chatter free post - and made what for all intents and purposes is a snarky/stupid post to those who have posted on that thread and who read the thread, hoping for the best for these early ones.

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    Couldn't have said it better myself! It doesn't matter how the child was brought into the world, natural or otherwise. We are all mothers and should respect one another's choices.

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