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Feeling like DH is inconsiderate

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Hi ladies. I am 21 weeks pregnant with our first, and DH and I are super excited. Only thing is, it feels like nothing has changed for him, while everything is different for me. Yesterday we had a friend's birthday celebration at a wine estate. I was the only sober one there, and believe me, I even got offered a drink a few times, even with my bump showing! I don't mind DH enjoying himself, but is it so much to ask that he considers me too? The party became an afterparty, and then, after telling him I have a bad headache and want to rest, his friends rock up at our home and party till 2am. Naturally, I didn't sleep much. I used to party with them before the pregnancy, but surely he can understand that things have changed? I'm not sure how to address this without sounding like a nagging wife.

Re: Feeling like DH is inconsiderate

  • I went through this with mine as well... I tried every possible way to tell him that I need to be thought of too. He didn't seem to understand. I had tried every way: compromising, getting mad, getting sad, trying to let him go... and it only made me more upset. If he doesn't want to understand how you feel aabout this unfortunately there is not much to do but focus on yourself :( I am now a single mom expecting my first in 6 weeks. He is still doing the same, while I have the house to myself sleeping and doing what I need to to stay happy and positive. I am not at all telling you to leave your partner... however, some men don't understand the theway some do. I'm just speaking from my experience. Good luck. I wish you the best. 
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  • It sounds like you need to put your foot down. I would have turned the friends away when they showed up to party. It's fine if he wants to stay up late drinking, but you need your rest. It's not nagging if you tell him how you feel and let him know that this is the way things are since you are pregnant and need to take care of the baby growing inside you. It's all how you approach it. Don't say he can't party, but you don't want people at the house. Compromise.
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