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Early labour?

Hi all,
For the past week I have had irregular lower back pain and period like pain. I went to my midwife for my check and she said my baby was 3/5ths engaged and the period pain is my cervix ripening (this was on Thursday).
Yesterday (Friday) in the afternoon I had constant lower back pain and abdominal pain from around 5 o'clock to around 9 o'clock with braxton hicks contractions though it has eased off.
I was just wandering if any mums have experienced this very soon before actually going into labour?
i am supposed to be driving 4 hours today to go and visit family and am unsure if I should just call it off incase something was to happen.

Re: Early labour?

  • Could be something. Could be nothing. I wouldn't travel more than an hour or two away from where you're delivering at if you're in your last month. That's generally the rule of thumb at 9 months pregnant. 
  • How far along are you?? The same thing has been happening to me, but I think it's just our bodies preparing for labor. I don't think it necessarily means it's gonna happen any time soon though. If you don't feel comfortable driving, then don't do it. If it's just going to be a quick trip, you'll probably be ok, but still be prepared for the unexpected. Keep a copy of your birth plan, car seat, and hospital bag with you just in case. Good luck! 
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  • Hi ladies,
    Thank you for the advice.
    I am 37 weeks pregnant, we are only meant to be going down for tonight and coming back home tomorrow afternoon, I would just hate to not have my midwives with me is all! I still have some lower abdominal pain but nothing too bad.
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