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Who Does This??

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this was weird....

I stopped at the store on my way home from work today (woohoo for a half day), and as I was waiting in line my son tried to boost himself up using the cart in front of us, so I told him to stop. He started to cry so I gave him a little hug and continued to wait my turn. I guess the cashier couldn't handle the tears because she started to rip open the bag of chips I just bought. Like she actually popped the bag open before I could say no. And then tried to hand it to my son to help himself. Boundaries anyone?
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Re: Who Does This??

  • What the hell? That has to be one the weirdest things I heard about cashiers or clerks do. I mean no one likes when a child is sad but if it is not yours you don't give it things? 

    What did you do? I would not of been very happy, I would not of yelled but I would of asked for another bag for sure.
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  • That's completely inappropriate. What did you do?
  • SarafussSarafuss
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    That is so weird.  Was he crying for chips?  I don't know why she would assume chips would stop his crying.  I would have asked her to go get me an unopened bag of chips.  ETA:  And tell a manager what happened.
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  • What??? I would have yelled.  What if he had a food allergy to  something in the chips?  I would have said "what the hell do you think you're doing?" and asked for a manager.

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  • WTF?!  I have never ever have heard of a story close to this one.  

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  • Wow. Just wow. I have never heard of this happening. Anywhere. Wow. 

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  • Wow-guaranteed her children are spoiled little monkeys that abuse drugs and are extremely obese (from all of the therapy chip consumption). 

    I definitely would HAVE charged her ass for those chips. 
  • Damn it now I want chips! What did you do? 
  • I just gave her a WTF look and left. I didn't even think to ask for a new bag :/
    Sarafuss No, he wasn't crying for the chips. He just didn't like being told to stop, which is why I was ignoring the tears. The cashier was trying to make him feel better I guess. 

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