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  • I guess I will wait until my appointment and go from there - I haven't done any research into the different hospitals in the area, but the one my OBGYN normally delivers at is a privately owned religious hospital. Kind of scares me in terms of how much I'm going to be paying out of pocket. 
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  • I'm trying to get in with this midwife group that delivers at the hospital that I also like. However, because they are so popular, you go on a waiting list. I called when I was 4w0d and they said that they would let me know in March (when I'm like 9-10 weeks) if I "made" it because they want to see how many of their past clients are knocked up again before they let new people into their practice.

    Frustrating at first, but now I've been a bit more pragmatic about it. If I don't get in with them, I'll just stay with the OB side of the practice (who I also like- they've assured me that they will have room on the OB service if I don't get in with the midwives). If I do get in, it doesn't matter if I don't have any visits before then.

    I already know my blood type & had some other prenatal screens done last year with my gynecologist before DH and I started TTGP (and it's not going to change anything at this point anyway). I don't need an early ultrasound for dating because I know exactly when I ovulated, since I was charting. If I have a miscarriage, then I'd probably start bleeding and figure it out; a visit isn't going to fix that. I guess the only thing would be if my blastocyst stops growing between now and the appointment but the miscarriage doesn't do its thing, which I've read can happen, so I waste a few weeks of my time thinking that I'm pregnant when I'm actually not and could have medically induced it earlier. 

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    I switched OB's for my second son. For my first son, we got an ultrasound at 8 weeks at a separate office that just does ultrasounds (my OB sent us there), and then went to see her for the first official appointment at 10 weeks. 

    For my second, (new OB) I went in and got bloodwork done right away (I think at like 5 weeks) and then went in to see her for the first appointment at 10 weeks. We did an ultrasound in the office then, too. And actually, I think you have to do an ultrasound to see the heartbeat this early? I don't think they can hear it on a doppler until you are further along. 

    For this pregnancy (same OB as my second), I'm not getting blood work done until I'm almost 7 weeks, and then I'll go in at 10 for the first app.

    I don't think bloodwork is very common and 8-10 weeks is pretty standard for first appointment. 

    I had my husband go with me to any appointment I knew had an ultrasound (which was only like twice). He came to most of them in my first pregnancy and it was kind of a waste of his time, at least at first. Once you get closer and are talking about labor and everything it was good to have him there. 

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  • My doctor is different with everyone she sees but I'm high risk and had two losses a few months ago so when I called to tell them and ask for my betas to be checked they had no problem with ordering it. They do an early u/s once my hcg is at 2,000+ and I will see her around 8 weeks. 

  • I called the midwives group and they had me schedule two appointments, one at 6wks with a nurse to go over blood work and answer any questions, then another at 8wks do meet with a midwife and do the first ultrasound. DH wants to go to all the appointments. 
  • I found a doc who comes highly recommended as an OB who provides evidence based care, not just some random protocol. He is also pro-vbac, and if a c-section is ever necessary, he does family-centered sections. He has his own practice with one other OB and two midwives. Either he or his other OB will attend my birth because I'll be a Vbac. He is an hour and a half away, but our docs are scalpel happy around here, and I don't want to get cut again. 
  • I went to a midwife my first pregnancy. They didn't see me until 9 weeks and didn't do blood work to confirm. This time around I decided to go to my regular OB. They don't see you until between 10-12 weeks and they do not confirm with blood tests. My husband will come to this one and went to my first one last pregnancy. With my first pregnancy at the first visit they listened to the heart beat, got some information and sent me for blood work. 
  • I'm seeing the midwife I saw last time for regular appts and hopefully nothing serious will come about this time around and I will be able to stick with her the whole time.  I love my OB and he is super silly and a great surgeon (he did an emergency hematoma surgery on my ovary one time and saved it so I am forever grateful to him!) so I'll probably see him a few times this pregnancy.  But I'm hoping I can have a low key pregnancy this time around. ;) I also have a good perinatalogist who I saw with first two pregnancies so if worse comes to worse, I will be in good hands. :)
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  • Oh, and forgot to add: I won't be seeing anyone until almost 9 weeks this time around either!  Long wait, but I declined the 6 week viability check so it's my own fault. :wink: 
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  • I'm actually changing docs. My first 2 were cesareans and considering the fact that I'll probably have to have a 3rd I want it to be different than me drugged up and not seeing my baby for an hour or so. I've researched and read up on the gentle cesarean. I found a doc with awesome reviews that performs the gentle cesarean and I've made an appointment with him. My first appt will be March 3rd and I'm excited about it!!
  • My doc that delivered DD moved to Florida 6 months after she was born. I had pre-e and had a c-section at 34 weeks. I had my IUD put in before he left and I was so distressed about him leaving (he was the only OBGYN I had ever seen and he actually birthed me, so I'd known him a long time) that I didn't even see another OBGYN until my IUD needed replaced last year. =/ I've only seen this doc a handful of times but I like her enough so far. 

    When I got my BFP this time I called the office and asked for a blood test to confirm, and they agreed and I actually had 2, 3 days apart, to confirm levels were rising (they are). The nurse called me today to schedule my first appointment but I missed the call and couldn't get back to them before they closed (stupid work getting in the way) so I will call in the morning and see. 

    My first appointment with DD almost 7 years ago, they did an internal US at the first appointment to check heart beat and growth and get my EDD. Not sure what this doc will want to do. Hopefully I'll remember to ask when I call! I want to be able to do a heart beat check because we too are waiting for that until we tell anyone (siblings, parents, etc...)
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    I am going to the same practice I did with DS but will be seeing the midwives instead of the OB's. I have learned so much since delivering DS and while I had a fantastic experience, i like the philosophies of the midwives better. I have an u/s at 8 weeks, nurse intake at 9, and first appointment with the midwife at 10 weeks. No blood work until then that I am aware of. 
  • Just made my appointments today. Nurse visit at 8 weeks (3/7) with some bloodwork, Doctor appointment at 10 weeks (3/23) and we'll hear the heartbeat. 

    Waiting another 6-ish weeks to tell people is going to be torture! Trying to explain nausea at work and to DD is going to get tricky... 
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  • I'm going to my first visit with someone random with good reviews. I don't have a gyn and even if I did, I'm moving. With my son I did the same because my regular gyn was not pregnancy friendly. I will have a blood test next week and will go from there.

    If you hate your doc, you can change. I've known people to change at 35 weeks.
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  • It's pretty typical. Most Dr's only do blood work if you have a negative history. And typically want to see you around 8-12 weeks. 
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  • I am going to my regular OB/GYN. I really like her though. She focuses more on the OB side of the practice. One thing that is disappointing to me though is that she doesn't see patients until 12 weeks. I've heard 8-10, which seems reasonable. but 12?! geez! I am currently working with an RE though (fertility patient), and he will do 2 ultrasounds in the first tri.

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  • I finally  got  around to calling the midwife  practice  I go to.its a rotation of 4 that  you get to meet all of them. My first appointment  is booked  and basic blood requests and booking to get an early ultrasound  done at the hospital (strange,I know! - side effect of living in a small town in Canada)
    My heart broke when I called to make my appointment tho because all  of my favorite  midwives  are either on leave or have moved  away. So I'm stuck with 2 I know who are good but aren't my favorite  and 2 new ones....
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