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Rumparooz Covers - what do you use inside?

FTM here, and I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question!

We are looking at a couple different covers for cloth diapering. We received a couple Rumparooz OS as a gift, (cool!) and I feel confused. From all the videos I've seen, it looks like you need to essentially "wrap" the baby in a cloth diaper and secure it before adding the cover. Is it possible to just fold rectangle-shaped inserts, place them inside the cover and use them that way? (Something I saw on a Flip Hybrid video) And/or just use the "soaker pads" inside the cover? Please help :)

Thanks in advance :)

Re: Rumparooz Covers - what do you use inside?

  • This is what I plan to do. I've seen on a lot of sites where parents just get prefolds, do a trifold, and just lay it inside the cover. I've even read where you can use microfiber, hemp/bamboo inserts (whichever material you prefer) and just lay them inside covers too.
    FTM here too so not speaking from experience, just what I've read online.
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  • You can put anything inside! It depends on the age and size of your baby. My LO is EBF, and still has explosive liquid poop at 4mo. So I mostly use flats or prefolds, fastened with a snappi under a Rumparooz cover. When she starts solids and the poop is firmer, I will just pad-fold a flat, or use rectangular inserts (like amp, flip, etc).

    You could just lay in inserts from the start, but with liquid poop you'd end up changing the cover every time (up to 12 times a day!!). By using a fastened diaper or fitted underneath, I can just rotate 2 covers. I have 5, but never run out.

    RaRz is my favourite cover btw, they last much better than flip, and fit better than Bummis or grovia. RaRz elastic is still perfect on my second baby, with flips the elastics were all completely stretched before a year (in the same rotation, same wash and wear).
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  • I love rumparooz covers!

    We BF so for us, a soaker pad wouldn't work. The pad would get squeezed and we would have an explosion.

    I went with prefolds/snappis and I find that to be the most secure. I haven't had one mess or blowout!
  • Agree with PP. The prefold snappi combo works the best for newborns, and we used that combo all the way up to about 3 months. Then I felt like as LO was moving more and getting chunkier, the snappi was a little too restricting but that could just be my personal feelings on it. 
  • Thanks everyone. Do you (those of you who use a snappi) find it to be an annoying extra step? I worry I would be like "uggggh!" every time, but on the flip side...I also don't want explosions! :)
  • I do not find the snappi as an annoying step. I do it without thinking really. Plus, as other posters pointed out, it is the most 'safe' method to use with covers. Not to get off topic, but stuffing/removing inserts from pockets? No thank you, can't get used to it.
  • Yeah, we aren't into the pockets either...seems (again) like just another step. Want to keep things as simple as possible :)
  • I don't use Rumparooz but did use some other covers briefly over fitteds. I didn't find the snappi to be annoying -- I hated putting on the fitted and THEN a cover! It just felt like a lot of work to me. I'm the opposite in that pockets feel really quick and like no extra effort.
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  • For NB we'll be using Rumparooz covers with Kissaluv fitteds. At 12 weeks we'll move to the Bummis/Tots Bots AIOs. Just as a note, you don't have to stuff the pocket. You can just fold the flap just as well.
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  • We bought organic cotton pre-folds from green mountain. It seemed like the easiest and most economical way to cloth diaper, and the fact that the covers can be reused a few times as long as they are still clean seemed like a huge bonus. 
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