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jogging stroller dilemma

I keep going back & forth with this so wanted to get some opinions. I have a 7, 4 & 2 yr old and am finished having kids. I recently became a SAHM & am interested in trying out a jogging stroller to get more active. I have no plans to become a serious runner with this, just want something where having the kids wouldn't hold me back from going for a brisk walk/jog. If I got crazy, maybe I'd use it for a 5K if/when I work up to it.

My 4 year old will start preschool in August. Would you A) buy a single & just plan to use it on the days I only have toddler or B) buy a double so I could use it with preschooler & toddler any day? I feel like a double might be more versatile, given I could utilize it for the zoo and a Disney trip we are planning in two years but can you jog with a double if you only have one kid in it without it being off balance? I'll be buying used for sure either way.

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Re: jogging stroller dilemma

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    I live in a rural area so I'll be either using it on our asphalt country road (with hills) or perhaps at a local park that has a sidewalk/paved path for running/walking. And I have a large SUV so I'm not worried about the size necessarily.

    Married: '06 - Mom of 3 boys: '08, '11 & '14

  • I would get a BOB single. I have a 6, 4 and 1 month old. I have a really nice high end double jogger and also a single BOB. The double jogger is OK for walking around the neighborhood, but I never enjoy taking it anywhere like the zoo etc. It is just too big to maneuver successfully in anywhere that has a crowd. Anything that is good for jogging is going to be huge and unwieldily in a busy public space. I've tried and I get a lot of dirty looks.

    When my older two were little I often would put my 2 year old in the main seat of the BOB single and just had my 4 year old sit on the footrest when he gets tired when we are out and about at a theme park or something. It is actually the perfect size for a 4 year old's bum. We've been all over the place like that and it has worked great. The BOB has held up perfectly for 7 years now with a lot of hard use in a rural area and on beaches, trails etc. If you want a double for places like the zoo etc. I would look for a more compact double umbrella type stroller. Also, jogging with a double jogger is really hard. If you are not a strong runner you will have trouble pushing 70 pounds of kids while trying to run and keep the thing on the road, even with a super high end jogger. I suggest jogging with the smaller child in a BOB and getting a compact double for trips if you think you'll need it. Realistically the 4 year old will not be using a stroller much longer. 

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